Meed Ward on what the draft Official plan is going to mean to the city.

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April 27th, 2018



In a note on a web site she maintains ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward said:

“Burlington’s new official plan was adopted by council today by a 6-1 vote. Though council supported over two dozen motions I brought or co-sponsored to make the plan better, the plan as it stands represents over intensification: in the downtown, the GO stations and established neighbourhoods.

Is Brant street going to see some class A office space or will it always retail that is consistetly chalenged to be viable?

Brant street looking north from city hall.

“It will deliver a future city that erodes what makes Burlington unique and special, what we love about our city, and why we live, work, play here and welcome new residents who come every year, drawn by our great city to join us.

421 Brant

Scheduled for across the street from city hall.

“In the focus on quantity of people (which goes well beyond our growth requirements from the province), our quality of life is at stake.

“What’s next? The plan goes to the Region of Halton for approval. Amendments can still be made to the plan by this council – or the next – to scale it back.”

Meed Ward has said that she will be filing nomination papers as a candidate for Mayor of Burlington.

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7 comments to Meed Ward on what the draft Official plan is going to mean to the city.

  • Joseph Gaetan

    I know people whose view on a better Burlington is Tall Buildings, including, members of my own family. Some of whom want to live downtown, to which my answer is there won’t be much there worth seeing. The OP is a sterile master plan and not a perspective or vision of what our wonderful city could look like. Right now our city is a mish-mash of different building forms that do not come together in any way shape or form, nor will it become so, under this plan. I was all for taking more time to get it right, but I was just one voice. I think the new development on Lakeshore Rd. is a travesty and has already spoiled our wonderful window on the lake and for what? I am not optimistic this will end well and have said so to anyone who had an open mind and cared to listen.

  • Gary Scobie

    Yes, this is the beginning of the absolute transformation of the downtown from a balanced scale main street and neighbourhoods to a metropolis of tall buildings running up and down Brant Street and adjacent streets. Only the Region or a new Council can stop it. It won’t be the former. We can make it the latter in October.

  • Allen Jones

    Marianne has my vote too … only 50,000 more to go … spread the word

  • What I am concerned with is whether Marianne can stop this intolerable plan from happening if she is voted in Mayor. (She’s got my vote and I hope to help her win!)

  • George

    Hang On Marrianne as best you can,

    Good times and celebration is not far away starting with June 7, 2018 when the Wynne government and our local MPP will no longer be in the way of intelligent geverning. The celebration will grow to euphoria on Oct. 22nd, 2018 when 6 of the current council and mayor will be dismissed and replaced by citizens who oppose the current planning for intensification and city hall administration.

    • Cathy

      Before you open the champagne, do you think that if the conservatives get in June 7 that they will be anti development?

  • Andrew

    What does the Mayor think about the new OP? He is the leader of our City.