Mike Allen - Lemmings - every blessed one of them

Editorial cartoonists are left to their own devices. The Editor doesn’t get to tell them what to do. Mike Allen will run an idea by us but that’s as far as the editors gets to go.

We loved the sentiment in this one – can anyone spot the flaw.

Two of the Goodness of Guinness at the Queen’s Head on the Gazette’s tab for the first person who spots the flaw. Send your best guess to publisher@bgzt.ca  Offer expires 6:00 pm Sunday the 7th

MMW lemming Oct 7

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10 comments to Mike Allen – Lemmings – every blessed one of them

  • D. duck

    The last Lemming should have a lifejacket on (MMW) while the current statement from the last lemming becomes the 2nd to last lemming’s statement.

    There, easily fixed. KISS

  • Mike Allen

    Note from the cartoonist….hmm…I think you’re right….too many lemmings. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have thought so few lemmings could have done so much damage. lol.

  • Hans

    Perfect (well, almost, as others have noted).

  • Jim Young

    PS I’ll buy the cartoonist that Guinness. He earned it.

  • Jim Young

    Psychologists insist that for something to make us laugh, it must have an element of truth for the person reading it. This is so true it must have had all of Burlington in stitches. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • George

    Perhaps the extra lemming was intended to represent the 3 Burlington Halton District School Board Trustees who voted to close two (2) Burlington high schools but who also voted to build a new HDSB Administration Office Building while some 6,500 to 10,000 Halton students are in some 343+ Portables without proper washroom access or HVAC? When you are voting for the HDSB Trustees please remember to vote our of office these three current Burlington Trustees: Ms. Leah Reynolds, Ms. Andrea Grebenc and Ms. Richelle Papin.

  • George

    Brilliant Cartoon and ever so true. Thank you.

  • SteveW

    The number of lemmings is wrong?

  • Gary Scobie

    All seven members of Council should not be going over the cliff. Marianne should not be included.