Mike for Mayor? Huh! - there is at least one well placed city hall type who thinks it might happen - others around the eggnog bowl weren't as certain.

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December 16th, 2015


It is that time of year when the eggnog is there to be ladled into a cup and the conversation is genial. You use the occasion to get caught up on the gossip and who is doing what.

If the get together has even three or four people who work at city hall then there is going to be some mention of how things are going with city council and the changes that are taking place in the senior staff ranks.

Mayor and chair

Will the chain of office be part of Rick Goldring’s wardrobe in 2018

“The Mayor’s office is a mess” said one imbiber, – “the Strategic Plan will get completed – no one is prepared to say exactly when” added another.

A really interesting comment came from a rather athletic male who wanted to huddle in the corner and talk about the “slate of candidates” he and some colleagues were trying to put together to clean out the current city council.

The current council has completed a quarter of its term of office – people who follow politics (some of one crowd I spent time with live politics) ask who is likely to run for office next time around?

Are Councillors Dennison and Taylor nearing the end of their political careers?

What has ward six Councillor Blair Lancaster got her eye on?

Will the public look at Councillor Sharman any differently now that the discussion of the Lakeside Village Plaza has actually begun to take place?

Do the plans ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward have to reach for the brass ring still alive?

Will Rick Goldring go for a third term as Mayor? Not with the mess that office is in. If not Goldring and if Meed Ward is beginning to look iffy – who?

“Pepper”, said my host who seemed to have had his share of the eggnog – “you aren’t looking beyond all the people in the play pen now.”

A quizzical look must have appeared on my face because my host asked if I knew what Mike Wallace was doing these days?

Wallace and Gould

Wallace conceding to Karina Gould October 19th, 2015

Really I thought – Wallace? Is there any potential there?

Mike Wallace was a council member that many saw as the heir apparent when MacIsaac moved on – however Cam Jackson, who was basically shown the door at Queen’s Park decided he could become a Mayor and the resident’s voted for him.

Mike Wallace had finally beaten Torsney and won a ticket to Ottawa, courtesy of the shellacking the Liberals took over the Sponsorship scandal.

The time line that had former Burlington MP Paddy Torsney beating Wallace in one election then losing to him in another when the Sponship scandal killed the federal Liberals is full of twists and turns.  Torsney is now at the United nations

Many thought Wallace was a potential city Mayor – that didn’t work out – he went to Ottawa instead but then got beat by Karina Gould who is now the Burlington MP

Wallace at Memex

Mike Wallace preparing to deliver a speech.

Wallace served the city well while he was the MP. He brought a lot of bacon to the city and put in the hours that were needed.

He may not have done all that much as a legislator and he did soil his copy book with hi shenanigans over that Justice Committee mess – but Wallace did deliver. He knew how to get cheques sent to the city treasurer and numerous organizations in the city.

Mike back at city hall – huh! Possible? Most certainly.

Wallace didn’t personally lose his federal seat. The Burlington New Democrats failed to cast their ballots the way the usually did and Wallace had a Prime Minister who had taken on an odious bent.

Karina Gould ran a solid campaign and while it is way too early to suggest that she couldn’t be beat next time around, she is looking pretty good. Wallace is smart enough to know that she is going to warm the Burlington seat for at least two terms unless Justin Trudeau really blows it.

Close up - Burlington's MP Mike Wallace looks closely at a piece of art at the Art Centre. Can BurlingtonGreen convince him to help them take a closer look at the state of the pipeline that runs across the northern part of the city - it is a federal issue.

Close up – Burlington’s MP Mike Wallace looks closely at a piece of art at the Art Centre.

Politics tends to find a balance, an equilibrium. All the seats in and around Burlington are pained a bright Liberal red – the public likes to see at least a bit of a balance.

Mike Wallace never made us famous but he never embarrassed us either. He also has a very smart and capable spouse. Expect to see Mike at a number of events during the next couple of years getting his picture in the paper and keeping the profile fresh.

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3 comments to Mike for Mayor? Huh! – there is at least one well placed city hall type who thinks it might happen – others around the eggnog bowl weren’t as certain.

  • Monte

    I would go with ANYONE that could clean up the Airpark fiasco and get it out of the legal department!s hands.
    The residents have taken MORE than share to-date?
    A scandal longer than the Pickering Airport?

  • Roger

    Mike would make a great mayor – I may not agree with his politics but he was a great MP and represented Burlington well

  • tenni

    Well, in the old Golden Age of the US Hollywood there were two competing gossip columnists. Burlington now has Pepper “Hedda Hopper” Gazette. Does Burlington need another gossip forecaster, “Louella Parsons”, at the Post?

    Editor’s note:
    Gossip my loyal reader is social currency – it is what keeps the wheels moving and one of the reasons why there will always be water coolers in offices.