Mike Wallace - running for Mayor, has a thick hide and wants to referee high school football when he retires.


News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

June 9th, 2018



Today it is Mike Wallace’s turn to take the drive for a cup of coffee with James Burchill in his Smart Car.

These 15 minute or so drives and the conversation that takes place or so revealing. Run side by side with the conversation that Burchill did with Rick Goldring a number of weeks ago the differences in style and approach to issues are telling.

The beauty of having these on line is that you can go back and listen to what is said again and again. In the Mike Wallace we learn that his most favourite past time is watching football – any kind of football; pro levels, college and even high school. Wallace revealed that he would like to referee high school football when he retires.

All 15 minutes are viewable here.

The drive Burchill took with Rick Goldring can be seen HERE

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