MoonGlade now has the support and talent from the Art Gallery behind it - expect a superb event this year.

artsorange 100x100By Pepper Parr

September 9, 2106



Just a little more than a week before the 4th No Vacancy event takes place in Burlington – this time the event will be branded as MoonGlade and take place at both Brock Park, right behind the Art Gallery and within the gallery as well.

moonglade jkThe first event took place at the Waterfront Hotel in 2014 and while the attendance was small it was the most startling cultural event in the city that year – we might add that it was startling in the most positive way possible.

The second event took place at the Village Square where the place was packed.

The third event took place on Old Lakeshore Road and something didn’t work. Was it the location, was the line-up of talent not quite right – the event just wasn’t as good as the public had come to expect.

During the conversations surrounding the Supernova event Denis Longchamps, Artistic Director & Chief Curator, suggested that using Brock Park might have been a better choice. He added that some of the installations could also be held in the Art Gallery.

Longchamps however said if the Art Gallery was involved it would have to be a curated event – which means the participants would be selected by people with the depth and experience needed to know who to invite.

While that approach could prove to be limiting – with Longchamps in place that is not likely to happen. The involvement of the Art Gallery gives a degree of legitimacy that these events didn’t have previously.

Brock Park from the north

There will be 17 art installations at the MoonGlade event to be held on September 16th at the Art Gallery and in Brock Park at the rear of the Gallery. Food Trucks will be in place as well.

There is now a level of professionalism that hasn’t been in place up until now.

Involving the Art Gallery also gives that organization to support and promote an event that has the potential to put the gallery on the map in a way they haven’t been able to do in the past.

There is nothing but good news behind this move on the part of Longchamps. The artists participating in MoonGlade this year offer some amazing opportunities to see art in a way that you may not have seen it before – you can expect several of the illustrations to be interactive.getting new - yellow

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1 comment to MoonGlade now has the support and talent from the Art Gallery behind it – expect a superb event this year.

  • Robert Missen

    Looking forward to the 2016 iteration of this event. A small correction- the first event must have taken place in 2013. I attended the event in Village Square in 2014.