Nelson Youth Centre to benefit from bank donation.

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April 4, 2014


It’s hard to keep up with the different colours used by the corporate community and community organizations to signify interest in what they are doing. I think it all started with that American pop song: “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree” to celebrate the return of a person who wasn’t at all sure he would be welcome.

I thought that pink was taken by the CIBC bank  people and their Run for the Cure to raise funds for  cancer treatment but pink is also being used to recognize International Day of Pink


Set in the east end of the city on New Street the Nelson Youth Centre has been serving youth since the 1980’s

Each year on the second Wednesday of April, millions of people wear pink to remember that positive actions make a difference. On Wednesday April 9th, RBC will make a donation to the Nelson Youth Centre in Burlington to support their efforts to eliminate bullying and discrimination.

Nelson Youth Centre is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre that offers treatment programs for at-risk youth in Halton. Reconnecting Youth is a community based program focused on helping youth develop effective social/emotional skills, coping strategies and effective learning skills to transition into adulthood and become successful and independent. The program works with youth, families, schools and the community and provides mental treatment and support for youth between the ages of 14-17 who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues which significantly impacts their ability to cope.

 Day of Pink is an international day against bullying and discrimination supported by RBC.  Last year, more than 16,000 RBC employees wore pink to show support for this great cause; this year the bank is  encouraging employees to wear pink and in Halton South we are also making a donation to the Nelson Youth Centre in Burlington.

The Nelson Youth Centre has a program called Reconnecting Youth that provides individual and group counseling for youth struggling with self-esteem, social/emotional issues and poor peer relationship issues.

Next week we will take a look at the people and programs at Nelson.

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1 comment to Nelson Youth Centre to benefit from bank donation.

  • Ley Spence

    I am so happy to see that the Nelson youth Centre became just that….I used to hang out in that building in the middle to late 60’s. Along with a bunch of other kids. I drive by it now and remember having a safe place to go and hang with your friends. It was better than walking the streets…
    I am glad that it is still there for our youth!!