New Deputy city manager does a sit down interview with a real estate agent - some interesting comments were made.

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January 3rd, 2018



The video runs for just over four minutes – you come away with a sense as to part of the direction Mary Lou Tanner had as the former Director Planning for the city and what she expects she will be doing as the newly minted Deputy City Manager.

The interview was done by Colleen DePodestga of Remax Escarpment Real Estate.

During the interview we learned that “Granny flats” are going to be (are?) legal in Burlington. When asked how millennials can get to live in Burlington Tanner said … well it is all in the video – worth listening to.

It is all here.


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3 comments to New Deputy city manager does a sit down interview with a real estate agent – some interesting comments were made.

  • Susie

    No rules, regulations or policies followed!! It is very obvious that the City Manager, Deputy Manager and Planning Department have full control. The Councillors and Mayor appear to be figure heads only, will little to no power!

  • Stephen White

    First question: since when were “granny flats” under consideration as an affordable housing option in Burlington?

    Second question: since when do municipal public servants express public policy that, at least as far as I know, hasn’t been officially endorsed or sanctioned by Council?

    Third question: why are local real estate agents interviewing municipal public servants for a promotional video that will be hosted on Ms. DePodestga’s website to advertise and promote the services of her business?

    Fourth question: if a municipal public servant is supposed to maintain an arms length relationship with developers, real estate agents, etc., while ensuring a high degree of impartiality and objectivity in the process, why is she appearing in a featured interview? If she were being interviewed at a convention or broader public forum by a news agency that is one thing, but appearing in an exclusive interview for one business creates the impression of endorsement.

    Fifth question: As per the City of Burlington’s policy on Media Relations, dated Wednesday December 24, 2014, Corp. Comm. -3-05, it states:

    “The City of Burlington will designate corporate media spokespersons based on their accountability and responsibility. Corporate media relations spokespersons will function as the primary contacts with the media”.

    Why wasn’t the Communications Manager the spokesperson on this issue.

    Aside from the messaging the optics of this really stinks!