New household schedule with school opening soon - time for a different fitness schedule.

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August 23, 2017



In the Spring the objective is to lose the weight so we can fit into the bathing suit.

Now we are told it is time to get moving and adjust eating habits to get over the end-of-summer blahs during which we appear to have all on on some weight.

Fitness experts have tips to build up a workout routine and adjust eating habits NOW to reset your system for fall.

With the dog days of summer slowly passing by and the reality of September’s routine looming – ideas for getting that refreshed feeling and being full of energy stare us in the face.

Many Canadians find themselves overtired, overfed, and under motivated. A summer spent on patios and at barbeques, staying up late, sleeping in and lounging on the dock tends to catch up with us.

Mo stretching GoodLife

Looks easy – takes practice. Time for a fall fitness routine!

Maureen ‘Mo’ Hagan, vice president of program innovation with GoodLife Fitness, says exercise and healthier habits go a long way to help reset the body’s circadian rhythms after a season of indulgence. And with only a couple of weeks of summer left, this is a perfect chance to set yourself up for success. She has some key considerations to get back into the fall routine more smoothly.

Establish regular sleep patterns: By the end of August, we’re getting up later, staying up later and the thought of waking up early for work and school is not all that welcoming. Don’t wait for the first day back to reset your clock, she advises. Start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier over the remaining days and you’ll find it easier to rise and shine.

Focus on nutrition: It’s OK to enjoy the last of the hamburgers and hotdogs, but start building in some lean proteins, complex carbs and more fruit and veggies to boost your mood, immunity, and energy. Take your remaining summer days to find and try some healthy new recipes, plan nutritious lunch options and even freeze dishes for use when the fall routine is in full swing.

Find time to exercise: Try to build in a workout at the same time each day to reset your internal clock and start building back your energy. It’s also a chance to enjoy the outdoors while it’s still warm and the days remain longer.

Hagan suggests setting realistic goals and then pushing yourself a bit further every few days. Vary your routine with cardio like biking or jogging, strength training for major muscle groups and stretching to build flexibility.

Remember to relax: With parties, camping trips, family reunions and the kids home from school, summer can be hectic. It’s important to find time to be alone and enjoy some peace. Plan a hike, do some yoga on the beach, or just sit on the deck with a book. Quiet time can help you reduce stress and reconnect with your body and mind.

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