New Street getting a new base while some residents go back to the city's agricultural roots.

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June 10th, 2016



New street - as far as they eye can see

New Street torn up for the installation of new water and waste removal pipes.

New Street is undergoing a major upgrade with new water and waste pipes being put in and the road re-paved. The stretch of New Street from Guelph Line to Burloak will have bike lanes added.

For those living at the New – Guelph Line intersection east to Drury Lane – it has been a miserable couple of weeks – dust, dust and more dust and roads that are rough to drive over.

The paving equipment was laying down a nice thick bed of asphalt – no more dust for us. The construction crews are moving east to the Drury Lane to Martha section.

New street paving

It is one seamless operation – from the truck into a piece of equipment that prepares the asphalt and pours it into the machine that lays down a thick coat of brand new road.

After that the construction crews begin the Guelph Line west section of the road.

Along that section there is a family that has decided they want to go back to the city’s roots when it was the produce capital of the country – to a time when the railway line into the city was doubled to handle the volume that was loaded at the Freeman Junction.

Garden - New Street #1

Lush looking gardens to the side of New Street.

This family has a nice little crop doing just fine. There was a time when all of what is now New Street was farm land.

It was certainly a different time.

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1 comment to New Street getting a new base while some residents go back to the city’s agricultural roots.

  • John

    The Maple View mall was once home to the most productive farmland in the area.
    Burlington Mall was once Fisher farms, a lovely road side stand where local produce and even a Christmas tree could be purchased.
    Fairview was non existent, the area consisted of local farms producing produce, fruit and flowers.

    Could anyone today imagine Burlington without Fairview or the malls ?
    You should have heard what was said about the council and mayor when they proposed those developments.

    It seems for all that has changed two thing have remained, complaints about politicians and developments.