Nothing festive about city hall - about as welcoming as a county jail.

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

December 17th, 2019



The talk is about making city hall a more service oriented place.

Making it a place where the tax payers can go to and get their problems resolved satisfactorily.

A pleasant place, filled with happy people.

Given that this is a festive season – perhaps the ground level would be decorated and Christmas Carols would be heard from speakers.

The large tree in Civic Square would be decorated with bright lights and those Christmas Carols could be heard and appreciated by everyone passing by.

In Burlington it is almost as if Scrooge and the Grinch who stole Christmas joined forces to make the atrium at city hall bereft of anything that suggests Christmas.

city hall lobby

The poinsettia on the counter is one of the signs that it is Christmas. There is a spindly little tree to the right of the security desk.

There is one spindly little tree to the left of a counter that has the word “Security” emblazoned across the front.

During one of the long Standing Committee meetings during the week City Manager Tim Commisso did say that it was going to take some time for staff to get the work done that is needed to create a more welcoming, service based mood.

Seeing will be believing. The place looks as if the city has fallen upon hard times.

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6 comments to Nothing festive about city hall – about as welcoming as a county jail.

  • Eve St Clair

    Political correct society bans Christmas in an effort not to offend other cultures . Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie

    Last weekend we took friends visiting from out of town over to Brant Street for dinner. We went with the expectation as you have said, that the tree in Civic Square would be decorated and we would find holiday magic. Instead, we were left with little holiday spirit and looked forward to visiting some surrounding cities to enjoy their holiday displays. Hoping for better from our city next year.

    • P Clarke

      City Hall? Civic Square? Maybe go two blocks south to Spencer Smith park next time. The entire lakeside park is transformed into a festive, glowing and animated winter wonderland that rivals anything in the region/province.

  • Judy christie

    I obviously meant to note that it does NOT cost a thing to be pleasant

  • JUDY christie

    It does cost a thing for people at city hall to be pleasant and friendly always and not so intimidating. Merry Christmas.

  • M. Romanelli

    I would rather city hall look sparse than spend money it does not have❤️