Old world courtesy goes the extra mile meeting the needs of the community

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

March 18th, 2020



A Different Drummer, is one of the more consistently successful book stores in the country.

Different Drummer fine line Ian Elliot, the proprietor, brings a quaint, almost old world politeness to the way he goes about running the business.

Quiet, polite, erudite and knowledgeable, Ian yesterday sent a note to the community.

Hello. This is Ian Elliot with A Different Drummer Books. Starting today, in compliance with the directives of government and health officials, we will close our physical store for the next several days.

Ian Elliott

Ian Elliot

We will continue to provide books to you via telephone and email, at 905 639 0925 and diffdrum@mac.com. We’re always happy to share recommendations and consultations by these means.

We invite you to take advantage of the free delivery service we’re offering. We can also arrange curbside pickup outside our shop at 513 Locust Street in Burlington.

We’re reviewing news developments and the guidelines for retailers each day. We’ll announce a full reopening as soon as this is possible.

We wish everyone safety in this trying time. As always, we are honoured to be your bookstore and we remain deeply grateful for your understanding and support.

With all our very best,

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4 comments to Old world courtesy goes the extra mile meeting the needs of the community

  • Rob N

    Thanks for promoting the Different Drummer book store.

    We should order any books we need from them. Not from Amazon. Shopping locally keeps your neighbours employed and keeps the money in the neighbourhood.

    Amazon has proven they take from communities, in the form of tax breaks. They give very little back.

    I’m as guilty as many people, ordering with ease from Amazon. But usually only after checking locally.

    Some food for thought as to what kind of community you want to live in.

  • Stephen White

    This is an amazing store. It provides a stellar example of care and customer service and is very much deserving of the patronage of every citizen in this City. Other local businesses would do well to emulate the model they set. Well done!

  • Sylvia Lennon

    It doesn’t get much better than that!! Thank you, Ian , and staff at Different Drummer…
    Sylvia and Pat Lennon, Burlington

  • Anne and David Marsden

    We have always seen Ian as fitting the old English description of “a gentleman and a scholar.”