One of those top level medical guys used the word 'precarious' to describe the Covid19 situation in Ontario

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

November 28th, 2020



It isn’t the best of news.

Two COVID-19 outbreaks at the Joseph Brant hospital.

Climbing numbers within the city and additional deaths.

PHU Nov 27

Data at the close of November 27th.

Shops, supermarkets and hardware stores are pretty busy. I really wish the supermarket I go to would limit the number of people allowed in the store at the same time. Yes it slows things down but it keeps everyone safer.

The future availability of a vaccine doesn’t look all that promising. The predictions are that in Canada we will not see the bulk of the population completely vaccinated until December of 2021.

You can bet that the politicians at the federal and provincial levels will be deemed to be front line workers.  The people working in the hospitals have to be first.

Can we keep on going the way we have had to for another full year? There are some that can’t keep away from their favourite watering hole for more than a couple of weeks.

Canada doesn’t appear to have the manufacturing capacity to make the stuff and bottle it.

Flu shot line up

We had long line-ups for the annual flu shot. It will be much different with the vaccine is available.

We have manufacturing capacity for run of the mill annual flu shots – the vaccine for COVID-19 is a much more complex product requiring equipment we just don’t have.

Worrying for sure.

While going through the Saturday papers I read that the word “precarious” was used by Dr. David Williams to describe the situation we are in – not very reassuring.

And have you noticed that the top people at the federal level are beginning to equivocate somewhat ? Where are they when you really need them?

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3 comments to One of those top level medical guys used the word ‘precarious’ to describe the Covid19 situation in Ontario

  • Rob n

    I agree, there should be limits to the number of people in a building. No matter what it is, a restaurant, a clothing store, or one of those mega stores like Walmart.

    It’s not fair that stores like Walmart can stay open and sell hockey skates, as an example, and local sporting good store needs to close. This also impacts the Bay. I know that’s not the case here in Burlington, but it is Peel, York and Toronto.

    I think our provincial government has been doing a fairly decent job. And I didn’t vote for Doug Ford. In fact, I actively campaigned for one of the opposing parties.

    It’s a difficult situation with an ever moving target. I applaud the politicians for what they’ve accomplished so far.

  • Carol Victor

    It isn’t helpful to blame our political leaders…we elected them to lead us in all situations.
    Pushing for an earlier vaccine that hasn’t even been approved yet is another unhelpful scenario.
    We just have to do our part and most people in Burlington are doing just that. It is the anti- maskers that I take issue with….they not only jeopardize themselves, they also jeopardize others.

    • Hans Jacobs

      IMO we should hold political leaders accountable for failing to ensure adequate PPE and vaccine research/production capacity within Canada as well as for relaxing regulations that would have helped to protect those in LTC. They are also accountable for appointing the incompetent people who are supposed to be “experts” but have in fact contributed to the problem.