Our two Members of Parliament serve as a tag team during Question Period.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 22, 2017



They decided to work as a tag team in the House of Commons during Question Period yesterday.

First Oakville North Burlington MP Pam Damoff stood and asked:

Damoff with big wide open smiles

Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damoff

“Mr. Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition has stated that he feels he should not be bound by the same ethical standards he demands of others in the House. He may have forgotten that his own party’s changes to the Lobbying Act actually make him a designated public officeholder. This might explain the confusion about the Leader of the Opposition hosting secret fundraisers.

“Could the Minister of Democratic Institutions tell the House what she is doing to pull the curtain on these types of fundraisers?”

Gould In the House while Obama speaks

Burlington MP Karina Gould getting her picture taken while former President of the United States addresses the House of Commons.

The Minister of Democratic institutions, Karina Gould, the Burlington MP stood up and responded thusly”

“Mr. Speaker, Canadians have a right to know about fundraising events attended by party leaders and leadership candidates, as well as the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. Our legislation will make public the information related to who is going to fundraisers, where and when they are happening, and the amount required to attend.

“We hope the opposition will support this bill in committee so that no opposition party can ever again have their leader hold secret fundraisers.

“Together let us all raise the bar.”

Words to be remembered.

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1 comment to Our two Members of Parliament serve as a tag team during Question Period.

  • Brian Roach

    Seriously, you’re reporting on a Softball question from one member of your party to another as Words to be Remembered?

    Editor’s note: It is not my party – it is our government. The point was to remember the comments because just as certain as God made little green apples – fund raising will raise its head again – in politics it always does.