Heritage Preservation in Burlington - this it appears is as far as we can go

By Pepper Parr May 13th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   John Reilly,the staff member who stick handles all the heritage issues explained at a Standing Committee […]

Region wants to listen to what people want in the way of a Community Climate Plan

By Staff May 13th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Imagine a future where the community of Halton takes meaningful action on climate change. HEN: Halton Environmental […]

Service Disruption - City's telephone service - May 12, 2023 - No ringy-dingys with City Hall phone system

By Staff May 12th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The City’s telephone service will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance on Friday, May 12, between 9 […]

What Toronto Investors Need to Do to Solidify Their Investments

  By Jacob Robinson May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Investing in Toronto can be lucrative, but it also requires careful planning and strategic […]

Bloom Bar at Mapleview for Mothers Day - running from the 11th to the 13th

By Staff May 12th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Mapleview Shopping Centre sent us a picture of the floral-filled activation location at which people can celebrate […]

Forget the flowers - your Mother might want to go fishing instead - province has made it free for the day

By Staff May 11th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   To kick off the spring fishing season, families, fishing enthusiasts and first-time anglers across Ontario can celebrate […]

Why did they donate this much money to a Burlington councillor in an election most voters ignored

By Pepper Parr May 11, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Part 2 of a series When we reviewed Councillor Galbraith’s audited campaign financials, available now on the […]

Boats will be launched at LaSalle Park this weekend.

By Staff May 11th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   LaSalle Park Community Marina and public boat launch opening May 13 LaSalle Park – bring about a […]

All Guilds Spring Sale - May 13th to 14th

By Staff May 11th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   An opportunity to see what the arts and craft community in Burlington does. They include: Burlington Fine […]

Summer Sidewalk Detours and Temporary Patios

By Staff May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Earlier this year, Burlington City Council approved the temporary patio program for the 2023 patio season to […]

Health Minister stays out of the Legislature - except to vote on her Bill and then scoots out of town. Health Coalition advises new clinics not to set up shop

By Staff May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   When it came time to finally pass Bill 60, Your Health Act, into law yesterday, Health Minister […]

On the street where you live - Oh dear - real deer

By Staff May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   A loyal Gazette reader popped this along to us a few minutes ago. This is the kind […]

Feedback will help City-run recreation program staff determine what you would be interested in and like to see offered

By Staff May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is looking for resident feedback on City-run recreation programs. Feedback is welcome from […]

When we looked at the campaign expenditures of Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith things changed

By Pepper Parr May 8, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Part 1 of a series It happens every so often that something that you’re reporting on, expecting […]

What has the Gazette done for ?

The Washington Post has a phrase – “Democracy dies in Darkness”. Shining the light of informed reporting describes what we at the Gazette try to […]

The rumour about an NHL franchise for Hamilton is still out there - no denial from Alinea so far

  By Staff May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Recently there has been quite a bit of buzz around an NHL franchise landing in Burlington […]

Ontario Health Coalition plans a referendum to halt the implementation of a two tier health system

By Staff May 9, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   When the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) warned last spring leading into the election that the Ford government […]

Millcroft residents get an update on the drive to protect their community from a specific development application

By Pepper Parr May 9th 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The hall at Grace United Church may not have been overflowing with Millcroft residents but the […]

Getting building permits applications said to be easier - MyFiles is now operational

By Pepper Parr May 9th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   It has been some time coming but the self-serve tool called MyFiles is now out there […]

Juno Beach: Permanent exhibition will be entirely renewed and renovated for the 80th anniversary of D-Day in June 2024.

By Staff May 8th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The Juno Beach Centre (JBC), Canada’s Second World War museum and memorial in Normandy, France today announced […]