Parks and Recreation working up a program that complies with Stage 2 of the ECG mandate

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By Pepper Parr

November 3rd, 2020



Parks and Recreation is scrambling to stay ahead of the wave – a wave that keeps changing its shape and direction.

Chris Glenn, on the right, leads the PArks and Recreation department as Director and is tasked with the challenge of bringing the various organizations that use city property under a MAster Agreement that is consistently applied to everyone. It should have been done four years ago.

Chris Glenn, on the right, leads the Parks and Recreation department as Director. On his right is Denise Beard.

Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Glenn told council on Monday that his staff was preparing some ideas that they would be running by the Regional Public Health Unit and the other Halton municipalities hoping to be able roll out a slightly different set of rules that would allow for more recreation and program improvements that are Stage 2 compliant. The Region of Halton is in Stage 2 of its Emergency Control Group mandate.

Several council members and the Mayor said they were getting questions from residents asking why some of the recreational programs were changed – they wanted to see real data behind the decisions that were being made.

Glenn explained that he was working to make sure he was compliant with what the Medical Officer of Health was prescribing.

Behind all that trying to pull together was the threat of being pushed back to stage 2.

Glenn wants to see less of the sports that call for a lot of exertions – hockey was one example and move the effort to having physically softer programs – like yoga.

The objective was to permit recreational activities that kept people apart and not exerting themselves all that much.

More when the Parks and Recreation department comes back to the Standing Committee.

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1 comment to Parks and Recreation working up a program that complies with Stage 2 of the ECG mandate

  • Fred Hendriks

    Halton was never put in a modified stage 2 like Peel, Toronto, York Region and Ottawa.
    Exercise programs such as Pilates, Yoga and Qigong are very low or no impact and should never have been put on hold and eventually cancelled at the Burlington Seniors’Centre without a thorough review and input from members.
    Staff at the Seniors’Centre did an exceptional job with pre screening, hand sanitizing, distancing and requiring the wearing of face masks for both staff and participants..
    Other programs continue with the same conditions at the Seniors’Centre with deep cleaning between classes.