Pathway that ate up more than 20 parking spaces turns out to be quite pleasant - despite some of the most uncomfortable benches ever made.

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June 11th, 2018



The City has almost completed the building of a new multi-use pathway in downtown Burlington that includes public art and a small area where groups can gather.

Pathway - public and open

The new open space is inviting – the public art is certainly different.

There are also a number of benches that are the most uncomfortable sitting places you can be imagine. It is almost as if they didn’t want anyone to sit on them. The edges are sharp and there is no back support.

Pathway - city bench

This bench was not made for comfort.

Corus bench BEST

This is a park bench that invites you to sit and tarry awhile. These are located on the Toronto waterfront.

The pathway itself is rather pleasant – running east/west, the new connection will cut across the heart of downtown Burlington. Similar to the promenade at Spencer Smith Park, the new pathway will accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists safely and provide access to other walkways, shops and restaurants along its length.

Paving materials, textures, urban trees, shade structures, site furnishings (except for those benches) and public art have been used along the route to make it friendly for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Pathway outside the Poacher

Looking west from Pearl, the pathway runs to Brant Street – quite pleasant.

The creation of the pathway and the open space did reduce the number of parking spaces – all part of the city’s program to discourage downtown parking.

That decision is going to come back and bite in the derriere.

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11 comments to Pathway that ate up more than 20 parking spaces turns out to be quite pleasant – despite some of the most uncomfortable benches ever made.

  • Susie

    Personally don’t feel their was much time or thought put into the decision making for those benches! The deep vertical slats will be great garbage collectors with the solid base below, and will attract the lovely biting critters that will call those areas “home”. “Ouch”!!
    Hate to be a complainer, but, if a job is worth doing, let’s do it right! Guess that is why our taxes keep increasing, for all the redos that should have been done correctly right from the get-go!

  • Jody

    You can never make everyone happy. Just shows you the high standard of living we have when we all we can complain about are benches and parking.

  • Maggie

    I agree that if you had to have this space some grass would be nice. It’s a bit boring now. I really do not think getting rid of parking spaces when there is already a parking problem downtown was a good idea. Since I don’t drive I’m not affected but others are. A few weeks ago we had out of town guests and decided to go for lunch downtown. They opted to leave their car on my driveway and take a cab rather than deal with Burlington’s parking problem.

  • Michelle

    Why does the city always want to go so modern in its design choices? Like the weird s shaped pier and now these square benches. Who makes the aesthetic decisions ?

  • Pam Casey

    I must have misunderstood the communication regarding this area but i thought it was supposed to be a walking/bike path along with a parkette. i believe a parkette should have grass as opposed to bricks and cement. And a very silly piece of art???

  • The Pathway is awesome and a real people place. The DT is filled with people and activity. Somehow the naysaysers are always wrong. Hey Steve, don’t be so lazy the parking gargae on Locust has lots of available spots.

  • Steve D

    What geniuses thought reducing parking spots was going to be good for the downtown? Don’t tell me, the same social engineers who think its good idea to increase the population to the highest levels possible, and shrink the roads.

  • emile godin

    yea not made for sitting that is for sure

  • Shannon

    This summer when our downtown is hopping and people are walking and cycling through downtown with their families, folks are lined up out the door at Kelly’s Bake Shop, and the Martini House, Poacher, and Dickens patios are packed, I’ll be trying to figure out exactly how the decision to replace some parking spaces with pedestrian/cycling-friendly infrastructure is biting the city in the “derriere”.

  • Judy

    Love the Art Work-especially at night. Hope city does more planting around trees. (Have not sat on those benches yet)

  • Townhouse Living

    Art! It should not be sat upon.