People cancelling medical procedures at Brant hospital

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 20th, 2020



The news that there was a Covid19 outbreak in part of the Joseph Brant Hospital earlier this week has resulted in some people cancelling their medical procedures.

The hospital Chief of Staff, Dr. Ian Preyra, said in a video message that the hospital is doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.

Some patients are starting to cancel or delay their medical procedures, which can pose a serious risk to their health. The hospital “would like to assure our community that our hospital is still safe to visit and we continue to perform surgical and out-patient clinical care, including urgent, life-saving procedures and other emergency care.”

There was no word on the condition of those who contracted Covid19.

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3 comments to People cancelling medical procedures at Brant hospital

  • Anonymous

    I had an appointment last week at a nearby medical center. When I arrived, I was told to call the number posted on the door and wait in my car until someone came to find me. Once I was escorted inside, my mask was checked, my temperature was taken and I was led to the doctor’s office, In contrast today, I went to Joseph Brant for a scheduled procedure. Entering through the north doors, I found people wandering in and out randomly. The question check was quick, no instruction were given as far as hand sanitizer and I was left to wander the hallways to find the location of the unit I was to visit. In my opinion, the hospital must do a better job of screening those who are required to visit this facility in these difficult times.

    Editor’s note: We chose to not identify the writer of this comment but can assure you that she is a very credible citizen.

  • Penny Hersh

    The hospital needs to ramp up their screening procedures when residents come into the hospital for tests etc. In my opinion they are too lax.

    When I had to go for an appointment, there was a gentleman in front of me at the entrance to the hospital (North Shore Entrance) whose mask was not fitting properly ( it had slid off his nose). The person asking questions and filling out the form mentioned this and asked him if she could give him a new mask that would fit properly. He said “NO”, and she let him go through.

    This man should have been told if you don’t wear this new mask you cannot come into the hospital, No one was doing temperature checks either.

    At St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton, when someone enters they ask when the person had last washed their cloth mask. If it wasn’t that day, they are given a new mask that they must wear in order to go to their appointment. Temperature checks are also part of the routine and someone escorts you to your appointment.

    If the hospital wants people to not cancel their medical appointments and procedures they need to adopt and tell patients what is expected of them, after they improve their entry protocols.

  • Please, please, please members of our Halton family and others in the Red or lockdown zones, stay safe in these times; limit your absence from your home to necessities – exercise (a good walk for those who can – Dave does, Anne can`t) is a necessity for mental health – wear masks and unless you are part of a single person household keep a minimum of six feet between your household and others. Check on your single neighbors regularly.

    Editor’s note: Edited for length