Performing Arts Centre plans to make space on its Main Stage for growing talent - application deadline is July 24!

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July 2, 2015


The Burlington Performing Arts Centre has created a new feature: the Lobby Showcase. Auditions are being held on September 19 and 20, from 10 am to 5 pm, for the Centre’s Lobby Showcase Project which will take place during the professional presenting season that starts in September/October 2015.

This is part of the Performing Arts Centre Community Engagement initiative that is intended to find new amateur talent in Burlington and surrounding areas to showcase local artists or acts that are in the process of developing their material and need some experience before a live audience.

Showtime logoThese performances will take place on a particular night to introduce these artists to our patrons and a wider audience.

The groups selected will perform in the theatre’s Family Room, that really grand space that a performer can do almost anything with.  In the past there have been some superb events put on in that space.

The artists chosen for the Lobby Showcase will perform in the lobby before the main event starts.

BPAC with BTTB in Family room

Room enough for the Burlington Teen Tour Band to perform – what do you have in the way of an entertainment event for this space?

The intention is to assist local artists or groups on their way to becoming better known in the community. The hope is that some will eventually become professional.

There is no remuneration for the Lobby Showcases but artists will get an opportunity to market their brand at that time, while reaching a new audience. The artists may also be added to the City of Burlington’s Artists database, with their permission.

The selected performers will get one of eight available Lobby Showcase spots available throughout the 2015-2016 Presenting Season and they, as well as others selected, may also get a chance to be featured in the Culture Days celebrations, September 25 to 27, 2015.

BPAC stage

The Performing Arts Centre Community initiative is opening up some space for local amateur talent that will take place in the theatre lobby before a main production takes place. Their hope is that these events might be an early step towards an event that will get them to the Main Stage.

We are looking for singer/songwriters, dancers, singers (pop, jazz, blues, folk, classical), bands or combos, instrumentalists and soloists (classical, jazz, etc.), performance art, and comedy; show us what you have.

Please submit your idea by email to:

Include a couple of photos, a short bio and some background information and a short description of the act or performer, include any links to YouTube videos, if you have them; don’t forget your contact information.

Dateline for submissions is July 24, 2015.

There are a limited number of spots available; only the acts or artists selected will be contacted with an audition date and time.

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2 comments to Performing Arts Centre plans to make space in its lobby for growing talent – application deadline July 24!

  • tenni

    It would be best if they paid the emerging performers. If they are good enough to perform publicly then they are good enough to be paid.

    Stop thinking that you are helping amateur artists in this city if you want home grown culture. All that you do is perpetuate something for nothing.

  • Jack Seedhouse

    In fairness, that fine initiative is the sort of thing we hoped for during the planning and fundraising phases of building our PAC. it’s part of their mandate, and not solely the city’s job.