Photo op that becomes a political statement

Pepper Parr

September 14th, 2021



Journalists call them – photo ops.

Those occasions when a developer or a politician want to ensure that their picture is in the paper.

They are part of the media world.

There are times when a photo op is more than a picture of an event or an occasion.

The occasion yesterday was the raising of the Terry Fox Flag at city hall to mark the beginning of the 2021 fund raising campaign.

Traditionally the Mayor is on hand along with members of the Terry Fox campaign and, on occasion, a member of council.

There was a political statement being made during the raising of the Terry Fox flag at city hall earlier this week.

While Paul Sharman advocates for the Terry Fox initiative –is there anyone in Burlington who doesn’t – it is unusual for him to take part in events like this.

But there he was, standing behind the mayor.

And if that isn’t a photo op with meaning then nothing is: Sharman is in the race should the job of Mayor be in play.

The tribe that Marianne Meed Ward created when she first ran in ward 2 as a council member certainly did grow.  That growth seems to have stalled.  There are members of council that no longer support every initiative she comes up with.  She is no longer assured the a majority vote at Council.

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