Poetry Slam at the Windjammer - by the Lake: March 15th

eventsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

March 7th, 2018



There was a time when almost everyone in this city – except for the die-hard alternate entertainment types – even knew what a Poetry Slam was.

We first heard Tomy Bewick at the No Vacancy event at the Waterfront Hotel four years ago.


Tomy Bewick – performing.

He was different.

By the way – whatever happened to the No Vacancy event?  Their first run was an astounding success – then everything went downhill from there.

The Poetry Slam used to take place at the Black Bull before it met its maker – the new Black Bull doesn’t have the parking nor the space the old location had.

Now they are in the eastern end of the city at the Windjammer By The Lake.

The Black Bull had a decent menu and the service was just fine. The social media on the Windjammer is mixed. The Gazette will try it out – one has to hear Tomy at least once a year.

The March Slam is next week – March 15th; featuring artist Gavin Russell. Cash prizes.

Last month to qualify for Finals in April, and last month of $5 cover.

March 15 at 7:30 PM
Windjammer By The Lake in Burlington, Ontario

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