Poetry Slam comes to an end after an 11 year run in Burlington.

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July 19th, 2019



A phase of the incredibly interesting life Tomy Bewick has lived came to an end Thursday evening when he hosted his last Poetry Slam – it took place in the bowels of Nuvo – which Tomy regretted to say doesn’t have a bar yet and one couldn’t buy a meal.

But the program was a fine send off – registration touched 80 which was good for a Poetry Slam.

Some of the oldies were on hand, some people taking to the mike for the first time – including a woman who got to Burlington from Buffalo.

Bewick and wife at registration - last

Tomy Bewick and his wife at the last Poetry Slam for Burlington registration desk.

Tomy opened the evening with one of the best pieces he has ever done – and from there it all depended on the crowd who hooted and hollered.

Slam registration

Trade at the registration desk was brisk.

Bewick wasn’t sure if the place would be packed – the last time we talked he wasn’t sure who was going to show up.
That’s the way Poetry Slams work.

There were 14 people taking part in the first round – they got whittled down to seven competing for the $200 cash prize.

The standard poetry slam procedure is of hounding the five judges if the audience didn’t like the scores they were given.

The second round had yet to begin when the Gazette reporter had to leave – Bewick will get back to us and let us know who took the top prize and when they closed down for the night.

Dan at last Slam

Dan Murray was in the house

Dan Murray was in the house and we know he did a fine performance – that’s just the way Dan is – the woman who did the piece on the ten foot cell phone charter extension made a point – we think.

The end of Poetry Slam experiences in Burlington was boisterous, fun, the place where some remarkable performances took place. You just had to be there to take it all in.

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