Politics does make for strange bed fellows.

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June 12, 2019



The dynamic was delicious.

Lisa Kearns

Ward 2 Councilor Lisa Kearns

There was the candidate, Lisa Kearns, who won the ward 2 seat; there was the candidate, Roland Tanner, who lost to the current Councillor and then there was the Chair of the meeting, Paul Sharman, who was hearing people speak at a Statutory meeting about a project that no one spoke favourably about, other than the developers’ consultants.

The chair, Paul Sharman, was a member of the Shape Burlington committee. Roland Tanner, who did not win the ward 2 seat, was also a member of the Shape Burlington committee.  The two men didn’t get along at the Shape Burlington committee meetings and they didn’t get along Tuesday evening either.  At one point Sharman did his best to shut Tanner down.

Tanner was also a member of ECoB – Engaged Citizens of Burlington, the organization that held election debates in every ward of the city, including ward 5 where Paul Sharman sought and won re-election.

Sharman seat at ward 5

Paul Sharman’s seat at the ward 5 ECoB debate.

Sharman did not take part in the ward 5 debate sponsored by ECoB. What he did do was trash the organization as illegitimate and misguided.

Roland Tanner June 11-

Roland Tanner

While Sharman didn’t take part in the ward 5 debate he did have some of his people on hand passing out literature.

Tuesday evening, Roland Tanner was delegating, answering some very direct questions from the ward 2 Councillor, Lisa Kearns and dealing with interruptions from the chair.

Politics does have the strangest of bed fellows.

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1 comment to Politics does make for strange bed fellows.

  • Lynn Crosby

    I found Councillor Sharman’s treatment of Roland Tanner to be extremely disrespectful and appreciated the Mayor’s efforts in giving Tanner the opportunity to finish his delegation uninterrupted. Considering how long the developer’s (Carriage Gate) representatives were speaking and all the different tangents they went on, one wonders why Sharman treated both delegates so differently.

    For a councillor to treat citizens and citizen groups with such disdain continues to be quite appalling. Fortunately, since his like-minded former colleagues are no longer on council, and other council members speak up in favour of the citizens, the majority is now supportive. I heard several comments from the gallery that night noting the difference. ECoB hosted the event at BPAC with the Burlington and Oakville mayors. Clearly these mayors are happy to attend functions arranged by ECoB!