Prediction is for a winter as tough as the summer we have experienced.

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September 2, 2016



People now remember to take a sweater with them these days – not something we would have done two weeks ago or during much of July and August.

The Mrs. get to put her vehicle in the garage.

Is this what we can expect this winter?

The people in the Nelson community got through the year without a swimming pool – will they remember what their city did to them come the next municipal election?

A brutal summer appears to be over even though official summer doesn’t end until September 21st.

Our clocks go back an hour on November 6th – will we have snow by then?

Farmers AlmanacThe Farmer’s Almanac advises that we are in for a winter that may be as tough as the summer we just got through. Shudder

The Almanac says January and February of next year are going to be particularly heavy.

You might ant to buy some road salt early – last year stores ran out.

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