Private sector turns out to be more transparent than the public sector.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 2nd, 2020



A classroom has been closed at a Burlington elementary school.

Joe Dogs noticeA restaurant has chosen to close because a staff member tested positive.

This is the norm for at least the next six months and perhaps longer.

The virus is out there and we are letting it transmit from person to person.

The Board of Education did the right thing and the restaurant did the right thing.

It is when organizations and the hospitality sector do the right thing that we know the needed precautions are being taken.

Tough on everyone but it can be managed.

Joe Dogs was more responsible and transparent than the Halton District School Board.

The restaurant went public quickly; the people on the administrative side of the Board seem to have lost their tongues.

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2 comments to Private sector turns out to be more transparent than the public sector.

  • Penny Hersh

    Hans, you must agree that it seems to take Halton School Board much more time in getting information re positive cases in schools out to the public.

    It does not seem prudent to tell only the few families directly involved in the reporting of positive Covid 19 cases in a classroom. Students are in close contact to each other and they pass other students in the hallways etc.

    In Burlington we cannot get a Covid 19 test on demand. Everything has been scaled back – only those with symptoms can be tested and one has to call, speak to someone who decides if you qualify for a test, make an appointment for the test, and then wait and wait for the result.

    There seems to be a level of bureaucracy in the school system that slows everything down. Their attitude seems to be like the President of the United States ( who has now tested positive for the virus) “don’t want to make people panic”.

  • Hans Jacobs

    This single example is far from a convincing case of some kind; a restaurant and a school board do not have comparable complexities. Terms like “Public Sector” and “Private Sector” are generalizations and generalizations are typically flawed.