Products might be scarce at local retailers: Art Gallery has great gift items

By Pepper Parr

November 8th, 2021



Easing our way out of a pandemic has not been as simple as many had hoped.

We are now learning just how close to oblivion the world was in March when it was not at all certain the financial sector was going to be able to cope with the strain the pandemic had put on it.

That strain is now being felt at the local level.

Ceramic Chocolate Cake Cup by Barb Taylor from Earthworks Pottery. Earth Works Pottery produces functional ceramic pieces for the modern kitchen. Hand made in Burlington, Ontario, by Barb Taylor, the chocolate cake cup is a chocolate lovers quick fix. Mix ingredients listed directly in the cake cup – microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy!

Retailers are now telling us that they don’t expect to have many of the products they would like to have on their shelves during the Christmas Season.

Why? It all gets explained with the single word: logistics.

Many of the off shore companies are beginning to recover from the shutdowns and lockdowns they experienced.

There are problems all along the supply line which has resulted in decisions that will limit what can be manufactured and what can be shipped.

Shipping is proving to be a bottle neck. We understand that the ship that was wedged in the Suez canal and is now in Rotterdam has still not been unloaded. It is reported to have been carrying a lot of IKEA products.

Ships are anchored in harbours throughout North America waiting to unload. That has caused a shortage of the containers they carry.
The Port of Los Angeles has been put on 24/7 duty by the President of the United States.

Handmade glass ornaments by Nancy Legassicke of Fusion Art. Nancy is a self-taught fused glass artist who has been experimenting with melting glass for over 40 years.

The demand for trucks to move the containers from the loading docks to their destination has taken a hit as well.
Not enough trucks and a sudden shortage of drivers due to retirements and an unwillingness to work under Covid19 conditions.

What is all this leading to? Fewer products in retail outlets that may lead to some early binge shopping to ensure that people can buy the gifts they want.

For Burlingtonians – this isn’t the disaster it could be.

The Art Gallery has an Art Shoppe that has a very impressive product list and they aren’t going to run out of product.

Hand built porcelain ceramic platter by Jennifer Graham from Stratford Ontario. Jennifer’s ceramics are inspired by traditional textiles and by the possibilities of porcelain.

The AGB Art Shop supply chain is made up of artists across the country who have a lot of inventory they can ship quickly.

Set out are pictures and descriptions of just some of the items in the store and on sale today.

We will be telling you about more of the items in the Art Shop that is run on a day to day basis by Theo Roma, Manager of AGB Shop, Art Sales and Rentals.

Hours for the Art Shop are:

Tuesday to Friday: Noon to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Masks are required.  While the Art Shop has quite a bit of room should there be too many people and social distancing is not possible, management will look for ways to schedule people.

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