PROSPECTS brings together dancers and choreographers to present creative interpretations of several forms of dance

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February 14th, 2020



Aeris Kőrper Contemporary Dance is hosting an evening of dance and discussion. PROSPECTS brings together dancers and choreographers to present creative interpretations of ballroom dance, disability dance, Bengali folk dance as well as works charged with powerful content. Each performance will be followed by a discussion with the choreographer, giving the audience a unique opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and explore themes.


Mushtari Afroz trained in the North Indian Classical Dance form.

“Having produced six successful editions of PROSPECTS, we are excited and motivated by the enthusiasm and positive feedback we received from participants and community members,” said Lisa Emmons, Artistic Director for Aeris Körper.  “We believe our approach to dance is unique and that all movement is expressive and powerful. Our show is created with the intent of presenting multicultural and diverse dance in an informal, warm environment in order to create connections within our community.”

Faith from Faith Dance fuses together belly and Bollywood-style dance with K-Pop music. Her performance, Obscurity, explores an artist’s journey through a mental health crisis, examining how the loss of energy, focus, cognitive processing and lack of desire for being physically present with others can obscure the artist’s creative process and arrest inspiration.

Mushtari Afroz trained in the North Indian Classical Dance form ‘Kathak’. In 2016, the dancer and choreographer established Kathak Bandi Dance Collective which celebrates universal human stories and experience.

Me is a window into Afraz’s private time inside the studio. In those personal moments, Afraz is tempted to break rules to explore new possibilities within her art form. While her body relates to the space and time, her mind challenges the way the audience connects with a performance by exposing the artificiality of the stage.


Project Oswald

Project Oswald is the fresh, ethnographic dance company founded by Rufi Oswaldo. The company produces heart-felt and humorous dance-theatre works whose themes most often emerge from liminal social and cultural spaces in Canada.

Oswald’s performance embodies the uncomfortable comparison of love to bullfighting, Gentle(hu)man sheds light on the messiness of human vulnerability complicated by societal expectations of masculinity, while offering a silver lining through gentle courage.


Original contemporary disability dance

The Cyborg Circus Project, created by Shay Erlich and Jenna Roy, specializes in original contemporary disability dance that reflects the reality and everyday experiences of disabled people for the enjoyment of audiences with divergent abilities.

Safe Words explores what it means to have no choice but to appear hyper-competent in everything we do. The work questions the limits these expectations place on bodies and minds, and how in utilizing trust, risk taking, vulnerability, and community, these expectations can be subverted.

Thea Sachade, a professional dancer from Burlington (Ontario) is currently a freelance artist showcasing her talent throughout Canada and the US.


Thea Sachade,

Sachade’s performance, 20+, embodies a collection of moments of personal healing and growth through the exploration of self-compassion and the discovery of a healthy self-concept.

Aeris Kőrper is a contemporary-based dance company that produces live performances, hosts community platforms, and leads accessible movement workshops in Burlington, Hamilton, and across the Greater Toronto Area.

Web sites for the performers.
The Cyborg Circus Project
Kathak Bandi Dance Collective
Faith Dance
Project Oswald
Thea Sachade

Saturday, February 22, 2020

7:00 PM to 11:30 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM)

Burlington Student Theatre

2131 Prospect Street, Burlington, ON, L7R 1Z2

The event is wheelchair accessible, please contact for details.

To purchase tickets click here.

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