Public Art for Regal Road - city wants input from residents

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February 8th, 2021



The City of Burlington is commissioning an artist to create a public art piece for the Regal Road bridge.

Residents are invited to share their thoughts on three finalists chosen by an independent jury. The three proposed designs can be viewed and commented on by logging into or joining the City’s engagement platform: The comments received, along with the technical and detailed design proposals, will inform the jury’s final selection.

Regald Rd bridge over Tuck Creek

Looking south along Tuck creek



The artwork will be 10 laser-cut steel panels installed on the concrete sidewall of the bridge this summer. An independent jury reviewed 54 applications and selected three artists to develop detailed design plans.

The jury chose:
• bau & cos,
• Karen Ho Fatt Lee,
• Laura Wood & Dawn Tyrrell,

Regal bridge - both sides

Public art will be put in place on both sides of the bridge.

Artwork Location
The Regal Road Bridge crosses Tuck Creek and is located on Regal Road, between Oakwood Drive and Swinburne Road. The bridge was upgraded in 2019 as part of the City’s flood mitigation project. One artist will be commissioned to create a series of 10 unique laser cut steel panels to enhance the bridge.

The panels will celebrate the community and/or natural environment surrounding Regal Road and Tuck Creek.

Submit Feedback on Three Proposed Designs
Burlington residents are invited to review the three proposed designs and say what you think. These comments, along with the technical and detailed design proposals will help the jury make their final selection.


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