Regional Public Health office provides an update - the Covid19 virus and its variants are still with us and still dangerous

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July 8th, 2021



As of Thursday, July 8, 2021, 638,849 doses have been administered in Halton, which includes 394,519 first doses and 244,330 second doses.

This represents 79 per cent of Halton’s population aged 12 and up who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 46 per cent who have received both doses.

The vaccination status dashboard is updated Monday to Friday between 12 and 2 p.m.

The Regional Dashboard with data updated every day can be found HERE


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2 comments to Regional Public Health office provides an update – the Covid19 virus and its variants are still with us and still dangerous

  • Tom Muir

    I would add that the figurative long road ahead will get cumulatively longer as borders open more and more people travel more and to more places. Even vaccinated fully, people still can carry and transmit the virus, and variants are worse. Canada is looking into this possibility as we contemplate opening the US border, Trudeau said today.

    Until the virus is effectively eliminated, with vaccinations and cautious public behaviors, more and more cases, imported or domestic, acts like factories producing new mutants and more variants.

    This pressure on the virus to mutate resistance, is why many, including Pfizer, think that new vaccines and booster shots will be inevitable down the road.

    I am feeling more troubles, from a scientific perspective, that human psychology is prone to self-serving idealization of reality as they want to see it happen. Now we are going to Stage 3 5 days early – so much for the policy metrics of wait and see for 21 days.

    I fear that when things open even more, even with capacity limits, that the resulting human behavior will reflect the idea that things are generally open and the mobs will emerge everywhere. It will be business is open, so lets get to it. This cannot sustain itself without limits imposed by business and people themselves. I’m not confident.

    Last weekend in Niagara Falls was reported to be wall to wall people, no masks, no distancing, and so on, outside. When inside is open, the mobs will only grow – outside and inside in a cumulative reinforcing manner.

    This will be everywhere I’m afraid. Signs are apparent. I’m still going nowhere, even fully vaccinated.

  • Penny Hersh

    The newest variant in Canada is Lambda (C.37) from Peru.

    “Lambda variant (C.37)
    Country of origin: Peru
    Traits: Spreads more easily. Health officials had been monitoring it since last August, but the WHO only designated it a variant of concern in June of 2021.
    Spread in Canada: A handful of travel-related cases were first detected in early July.”

    It will be up to science to determine if the vaccine produced to combat the first wave of Covid 19 will be effective moving forward.

    Some countries that fully vaccinated their population early are indicating that a Pfizer Booster may be necessary. Pfizer is in the process of developing this booster.

    There is still a long road ahead.