Remembering the Brant Inn - it put the city on the map - before we became a city.

eventsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

February 27th, 2019



The Brant Inn – most of the population of the city couldn’t tell you what it is, where it was or anything  about the period of time when it was one of the swingiest places in the province.

People came by train and car by the thousands to take in a show.

Brant Inn plaque

There once was a different Burlington. The town jumped.

All that is left is a plaque on the northern edge of Spender Smith Park and, if you look closely, some of the pilings at the water’s edge when the deck of the Inn stretched into the lake.

The story of the Brant Inn is being brought to the Performing Arts stage March 19th for a single performance.

Brant Inn outdoors

It was the place to be when it was well managed.

Show Producer Franklin Penny, described as “… a showman, a fine musician, a singer with great chops, and astonishingly, a nice guy. It doesn’t get any better than that!” is the man behind the show that will feature Sophisticated Swing, an Award-Winning 17-piece Big Band with some of the finest musicians in the Golden Horseshoe and beyond.

Roy Wilson, a former editor of the Burlington Gazette (the print version – not our on line publication) will be the Master of Ceremonies.

Pic 8 Brant Inn & Ella Fitzgerald

“…continual ministrations” that’s what physicians did in those days.

The event is touted as a “terrific tribute to the legendary Brant Inn, the many artists who played there, and the famous big bands that many thousands danced to in the ‘Sky Club’.

Take advantage of the Early Bird and Group ticket prices now on sale!

Ticket prices:

Early Bird Pricing (Nov. 1 – Feb. 28):
Regular: $48.50
(Includes Fees + Tax)
Seniors (60+): $42.50 (Includes Fees + Tax)

Regular Pricing (starts Mar. 1):
Regular: $52.50
(Includes Fees + Tax)
Seniors (60+): $46.50 (Includes Fees + Tax)

 Group Rate

Regular: $42 (Includes Fees + Tax)

Available for groups of 8 or more. Please call the Box Office at: (905) 681-6000.

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4 comments to Remembering the Brant Inn – it put the city on the map – before we became a city.

  • Dan McQuillin

    I have some silverware from the Brant Inn. It definitely looks old!

  • Elizabeth Hamidbasha

    I remember it well! It was a great place. The 1950 Miss Canada pageant was held there. Interviews from CHML were part of every Saturday night programming. When summer came along and you couldn’t afford a ticket, you sat on the railroad tracks and just listened. For lots of people it was free Saturday night entertainment and just as good as being a paying guest. One time Audrey Hepburn had lunch there without being recognized. She had just made Roman Holiday and was visiting here with her fiance’, James Hanson- now Sir James Hanson. Hanson owned Hanson Transport, based in London, England, and he had established a company in Hamilton. He was visiting Harold White, manager of the Canadian office, and had brought along his fiance. While the men were having a business meeting Elsie White- Harold’s wife- took Audrey for lunch at the Brant Inn. Imagine – nobody recognized her! But, it was early in her career and who would have expected Audrey Hepburn to be in Burlington, Ontario!!

    • Philip Waggett

      One individual I know paid his way through university back in the 1950’s by selling “mickey bottles” out of the trunk of his car–just imagine, the Brant Inn didn’t have a liquor licence!

    • I have lived in Burlington for the majority of my life and I feel like it’s a shame historical events and places aren’t spoken of. I had discovered the Brant Inn on my own and the more research I do, the more I wish it was still around. If anyone who has stories of the Brant Inn or remembers what that time was like for Burlington, please e-mail me. I’m a student at UofT and I had chosen Burlington as a theme for my history and writing class and I would love to hear what you have to say. My e-mail is Thank You 🙂