Resident unable to file a complaint about election polling many thought libeled a candidate.

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September 4th, 2018



George Ward reports that when he sent his complaint on election survey work that was being done to Market Research Intelligence Agency,(MRIA) the email was refused.

He got a “refused acceptance” from both and

Telephone calls went to voice mail.

Ward reports that “It appears to me that any submission or complaint I try to make is blocked.”

Now why would that be?

Ward is indefatigable if he is anything – a Registered letter is on the way.

A Gazette reader said: You make a lot of assumptions in this article and I prefer the facts. the media’s job it appears is to make a mountain out of a mole hill and cause this to be blown up more than necessary. The authorities will figure out the culprit. And now back to the election of which we have 4 candidates running for mayor.

Another Gazette reader responded:  How do you know the “authorities will figure out the culprit”? Has the OPP or any other law enforcement group announced this? Without the exposure by the press, this sordid incident would simply slither away.

There is more to this than some people want the public to know.

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