Sandy Beach has come back.

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May 10th, 2018



The Beach has come back.

Beach erosion May 17-2017

This is what the Beach erosion looked like on May 17-2017

Remember that weather last year that took away a lot of the sandy beach in the Beachway park part of the city?

Beach looking west

The beach – looking west on May 10th – 2018. Climate change.

Weather, being what it is, water levels have changed and there is more sandy beach available to spread a towel out on and soak up some sun – when the sun decides to shine.

The hydro people improved the concrete support at the base of the hydro wire towers and the beach looks more welcoming.

Beach looking east

Beach looking east towards the downtown. Lots of space to lay out the towels and the folding chairs.

Now for the really warm weather – doesn’t look like it will be with us the weekend we are heading into.

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