Sculptures to be part of the AGB Courtyard for the summer season.

theartsBy Pepper Parr

June 18, 2015


The Sculpture Garden in the Courtyard of the Art Gallery of Burlington is going to get a treatment with the work of Spanish artist Jordi Alfaro, originally from Spain but now a resident of Dundas, Ontario.

Jordi Alfaro AGB  Credit Reid Flock

Spanish artist Jordi Alfaro with one of his Arrieros exhibition pieces. Photo Credit Reid Flock

Designed specifically for the unique architectural space, Alfaro has transformed the AGB courtyard into a sculpture garden for his Arrieros exhibition.

Alfaro has used the abstract nature of the design of the Courtyard and created a series of monolithic forms that complement the straight horizontal and vertical lines of both the architecture and the plantings of the space.

AGB Alfaro piece - Spanish

Polished pieces appear to be hiding in the lush vegetation of the Courtyard at the AGB.

His single large sculptures and his stacked round forms have the evocative sense of prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge in England, or Carnac in France, but their often bright coloured glazes and crisp bands of colour hint at minimal sculpture out of the 1960’s.

Placed in amongst the plantings or out on the concrete surfaces, these works engage the viewer asking them to navigate the space with an increased awareness.

AGB Spanish - cave mouth Spanish

There is some of the contemplative nature that one finds in some Zen stone gardens in this piece – part of the Arrieros exhibition.

These works suggest the contemplative nature that one finds in the Zen stone gardens in Japan but is totally unique to this artist. The quiet strength of these works transforms the space into as oasis of calm on an otherwise busy day.

AGB Arelo Spanish two pieces - railing

Looking like sentries at the top of an entrance these two piece in the Arrieros exhibit wait for a visitor

There is a quietness about the Courtyard – the kind of place to take in some of the sunshine, read a newspaper over a cup of espresso.

Curated by Jonathan Smith, the AGB-tailored exhibition will run from June 13, 2015 to September 30, 2015, with the opening reception taking place Sunday, June 28, 2pm – 4pm.

AGB Members will be offered free admission to the exhibition. More information on the benefits of AGB membership can be found here 

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