Self-realization and the meditative state – all you ever wanted to know at a free class at Burlington Hills this Saturday.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  December 4, 2012   If you’ve ever wondered what meditation is; what a Yoga class is  really like but you don’t want to join anything – you just want to sit in and see if there is something there for you – then an event this Saturday, December 8 from 3-5 pm at the Brant Hills Community Centre may be of interest.

If you do go – what are you in for?

Here is what is on the agenda:

There will be a talk by two academics on the Restorative Effects of Sahaja Meditation techniques. There will be testimonials, some guided mediation, live music and  Indian Kuchipudi dance

The group putting on the event has been doing this for more than seven years in Burlington.

Their Sahaja meditation classes take place Wednesday evenings at Brant Hills.

The event this Saturday will be tied into an event taking place in Paris,  France.

Mediation and Yoga are different, millions swear by it, but it isn’t for everybody – it’s a matter of personal taste and the way you feel life should be lived.  If you’re curious – give it a try.

More on the agenda:

A video introduction  to Self-Realization & R/Evolution (video)

Experience Spontaneous Meditation & ‘Yoga State’ on Live Indian Drum Music (Ahilan)

Kuchipudi Dance Performance (Hema)

Chakra Workshop & Joyful Indian Music Performance

Practitioners of meditation will talk about the benefits.

You get a chance to find your “Yogi Buddy”.

The event is free – these people are serious and committed about what they do.

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3 comments to Self-realization and the meditative state – all you ever wanted to know at a free class at Burlington Hills this Saturday.

  • Jon

    The event went by quickly, but there was an excellent turn out and everyone enjoyed the program. If you missed it, not a problem. There will be more to come. We also host weekly free classes in the same building. Just go to for a full list.

  • Anjalli

    It was an afternoon filled with a beautiful dance, melodious yet catchy music, very informative videos and very easy simple meditation “exercises”. The 2 hours just flew by so quickly. Most importantly we touched the depth of who we really are and entered into meditation effortlessly! Sahaja Yoga Meditation program is so easy to follow and can be used by kids of all ages. Even my little nephews (5 and 2 years of age) who are normally so hyper were sitting so quietly, well behaved and enjoying the meditation music, dance and videos!
    I left the event feeling joy in my heart and not wanting to leave the company of all beautiful harmonious people in the room.
    Hope to attend many more of such events! and always look forward to the FREE weekly classes.

  • Thank you Pepper for posting the R/Evolution Event celebrating 7 years of Free Sahaja Meditation classes on “Our Burlington” website! Thanks to all the many volunteers, the event exceeded 150 attendees interested in “experiencing” Meditation and discovering how a method known as “thoughtless awareness” connects us all through Science and the Arts. The films, created by local talent, and featuring sincere, local testimonials were beautifully received. The drumming, the music, the dancing were infiltrating the room with a revolutionary, joyful feeling that was contagious!The Scientific Presentations continue in the upcoming regular wednesday classes at the Brant Hills Centre at 7pm as we invite Dr. Mishra of McMaster University and Chad Danyluck, PhD of University of Toronto to share their findings and help us all make the connection. We look forward to sharing more free Sahaja Meditation classes and events to Burlington’s residents and visitors which now boasts members from Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton and beyond! In February we will hold our annual “Valentine’s Day Heart Beats Like a Drum” Musical Event and invite anyone who has ever wondered about meditation to come and give it a try! Feel free to drop in or explore our websites online for local events, and for international events.