Seneca street does it again

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

November 1, 2016



No one was sure exactly when it started – 1984 was the date that was floating around.


The occasion is not just for the kids – wonder Mom got in the act as well.

And who started it – word we got was that there was a resident who lived on the street closer to Lakeshore than New Street and that he had once owned an entertainment park and had a huge plastic gorilla that you could fill with air – which he did and stuck it out on his lawn and that started the tradition that has people on Seneca decking out their lawns which imaginative Halloween decorations.


There is a dog somewhere that is now in therapy. The little mutt walked by this “cat” as it darted out of the leaves – th dog jumped a clear two feet into the air and fled – dragging his owner with him

Some of them are very impressive – and there are a couple that I guarantee scared the daylights out of your child. There is one resident whose dog is never going to be the same after its encounter with a mechanical cat that sit in a pile of leaves and jumps out with green eyes just glaring.

Seneca has become a mecca for the trick or treat crowd.

Last night was another success. Many of the parents got themselves gussied up and made a night of it.

Set out below are what some of the home owners chose to do on Hallowe’en.


Skull city – in the dark of the evening this must have been quite a site.


We didn’t hear any sound coming from this pumpkin – but we can imagine how it might have laughed.


It wasn’t all just for the kids – this household used the occasion to make the evening a small food drive as well.


The family collection of sombreros got put to good use. The small bags were empty – just some sand to hold them on place – we checked.


The wonder of it all for for the little people. These two were just fascinated with what they saw up and down their street.


What a good idea eh!

And,except for getting permission to block cars from coming on the street for a couple of hours, city hall had nothing to do with the event.  Power to the people!



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1 comment to Seneca street does it again

  • Brian Jones

    thanks for advertising the Andie’s Pumpkin Patch
    scheduled for tonight Nov1 at Lions Park 6-9pm
    Bring your pumpkins and candles and mingle with your neighbours
    old and new