Shopping Local in Challenging Times & overcoming the COVID19 scare


News 100 redBy Brian Dean

March 15th, 2020



During this time of uncertainty, most agree that the local economy will be weighed down by the impact of COVID-19. The impacts on small businesses and independents can be particularly heavy as we practice social distancing.

Store Hand made

Dozens of little gems – worth popping into.

Small businesses are by nature risk takers. They choose to invest in our community and our neighbourhoods with the hope that the community will give back to them with the same vigor. These are the entrepreneurs that hire our children, sponsor our sports teams and community groups – they are your neighbours.

Our local businesses in Burlington enrich our community daily and are the lifeblood of our sustainable local economy. In the case of our Downtown independent businesses, they are often the people you know by name. We celebrate when these local names succeed and regret when they are forced to close their doors.

Not much Christmas Spirit at these Brant Street locations. Photo taken Decvember 13th - maybe they are waiting for snow.. Burkington Downtown Business Association needs to work on its membership.

The Downtown needs feet on the streets – being outdoors is not a COVID19 issue.

Shopping locally during this challenging time for Burlington business is more than a “good idea” it is a necessity to help keep these small businesses flourishing.

The largest collection of independent businesses in our City is Downtown; a dynamic collection of over 400 unique entrepreneurs. For many of these businesses their success relies on the personalized connections they have made with their patrons.

As our community makes a conscious effort to reduce close contact with others during this challenging time there is an instinct to find a “one-stop shopping” solution for our everyday needs. This tactic tends to overlook the incredible value that comes from patronizing your favourite, neighbourhood independent business.

Lakeshore looking east to Brant north side

Overlooking the lake is one of the safest places you can be.

Our small business community has proven to be a resilient and adaptable group that champions innovation. Now it is the Burlington public’s turn to create innovative ways to support them with many products & essentials available at our local merchants.

Here are ways to support small businesses:

Buy meals from local restaurants for delivery or takeout
Shop small businesses online
Use shipping, door-to-door and delivery services available
Purchase coffee grounds from your local coffee shop
Pick up bread or baked goods from your local bakery
Consider purchasing gift cards for future use – they’ll receive the revenue now while foot traffic is down and you’ll have something to look forward to!
Share, tweet, post about your favourite small business – let’s spread some positivity!
Purchase your personal items, shampoo, soaps, face wash, creams etc. from local businesses instead of busy box stores
Don’t cancel appointments, reschedule if possible



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2 comments to Shopping Local in Challenging Times & overcoming the COVID19 scare

  • Lynn Crosby

    We need to do this always, not only in an emergency situation like this, and if we did our downtown would be even healthier. I certainly agree with the sentiment. I would so rather spend my time shopping downtown in nice, interesting, independent stores rather than standing in a lineup at Costco with crazy people hoarding toilet paper! No brainer!

    • Philip Waggett

      Not to downplay the current emergency, but the public’s reaction scares me in the event of real crisis!

      BTW, how many of you have gone out and bought toilet paper when you have had the flu? Or perhaps someone has a good recipe for cooking toilet paper.