Short film to get commercial showing at Cine Starz - Holton gets a bit if a break.

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November 22, 2106



She has made it to the big screen!

Well – in a manner of speaking.

Holton H&S

Margaret Lindsay Holton

Margaret Lindsay Holton took her latest film to the public last September and got a more than polite response.

It was a short film with all the production problems that every film bumps into – they are just tougher to manage when the budget is shorter than the film.

But it was produced and then what? The best that happens to most of thy get sown at small film festivals where everyone says something polite and he artist goes looking for money for the next production.

Holton however is persistent if nothing else. She convinced the people at CineStarz to show her film in a commercial setting. People are going to have to pay to see the film just the way they would pay to see any other film.

This is a limited engagement – the CineStarz people may have required Holton to guarantee a limited number of ticket sales.

Frozen Goose coverIt’s an interesting film, poignant, funny in a Canadian way at times. Hopefully Holton will get the word out to every high school student studying film to attend – it is worth seeing as a nice piece of works that touches on a significant issue.

Holton refer to the event as a “Very Special ‘ONE-TIME’ Canadian THEATRICAL RELEASE at :

Cinestarz, 460 Brant Street, (Downtown Burlington) on December 18th, at 3 o’clock.

The Frozen Goose is based on a short story of the same title written by M.L.Holton, published by Seraphim Books.

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1 comment to Short film to get commercial showing at Cine Starz – Holton gets a bit if a break.

  • Thanks for the plug Pepper.

    This historical drama looks at a rural Canadian family coping in the aftermath of WW1. A shell-shocked & broken soldier, Tom, returns to the family farm & tries to fit in. Things arent going so well, until daughter, Bella, (brilliantly played by Hannah Ralph) decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her younger brother, Charlie, they embark on a life-altering journey to ‘fix things’.

    Locations for this 25 minute short production include familiar exteriors in Milton, North Burlington, Westfield Heritage Village & even include Mount Nemo and Rattlesnake Point. Really fun to see on the big screen! The delightful WW1 ditties in the film are expertly performed by fiddler extraordinaire, David C. Maclean with folk group, Whiskey Epiphany. Toe-tapping entertainment for the whole family, from 10 to 90!!

    There is limited seating at the Cinestarz cinema. So, ‘First come, First served’. Come on out to support local talent, like Leslie Gray of Koogle Theatre who plays widow Helen, or youngster Cameron Brindle of Aldershot (soon to be appearing as Oliver in famed Charles Dickens classic). John Fort of Hamilton plays a convincing soldier rattled by war. Rod McTaggart plays the friendly Uncle. Super cast! ~ Come SEE!!

    Sunday, December 18th, 3 o’clock at Cinestarz Burlington in downtown Burlington.
    (Wonderful theatre space, intimate & comfy, with superb sound!)