Should bike riders be allowed to use the trail in the Beachway - new bike lanes are in place.

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August 23rd, 2017



Might be time to have a bylaw enforcement officer patrolling the trail through the Beachway.

Seniors are complaining about the speed at which cyclists roar along the trail.

Carpentr House - walking the trail

For the vast majority it is a very pleasant walking trail. It is a focal point for the annual Terry Fox run.

Many regular trail walkers…are wondering if bikes will still be allowed on the Beachway trail once the road bike lanes are complete – road work is being done now.

Lakeshore Road to hospital

There are bike lanes in place on the newly paved and rebuilt Lakeshore Road that is now the entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital.

A local resident advised the |Gazette that comments from seniors this morning was that they have the fear of death every time they take their walk. The cyclists seem to feel they own the trail.

One gentleman said he has been yelled at to get himself and his dog off the trail.

Another senior said: “I know!!!! I have almost been run over many times!!! Its scary!!!”

What are the rules for the trail?

With bike lanes going in – should bikes be banned from the trail? What do parents out with a youngster just learning to use a bike – do they want their child on the road with transit buses and trucks passing by?

The man to get your concern in front of is the ward Councillor – Rick Craven.  You can email him at:

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3 comments to Should bike riders be allowed to use the trail in the Beachway – new bike lanes are in place.

  • astheworldturns

    This suggestion has been made many times during smoke and mirror evening meetings with City staff, Rick Craven, Beachway residents and the public. Always falls on deaf ears.
    I am sure that many respectable senior citizens who are reading your comment are not pleased. I am a regular trail walker and see many regulars who do keep to one side…unfortunately, there is a blind spot especially at the curve near the natural launch ramp where cyclists ignore the signs that promote dismounting or slowing down. Again, back to me…I can not begin to tell you how many times I have nearly been clipped by a cyclist…and I too can walk a straight line.

  • Anna

    I have no problem with the cyclists down there that are out for a leisurely ride. They are fine on the path because they don’t go fast enough to be dangerous.

    It’s the lycra clad groups of speedsters that are the problem – and I am a lycra wearing cyclist, so I feel OK calling them out. I don’t understand why they even go on the path. It’s a lot easier to just stay on Lakeshore, you don’t run into the section where the path turns to sand, and you can go as fast as you want on Lakeshore without having to avoid the pedestrians. I honestly can’t see any reason why those guys (it’s almost always guys) are on the beach path in the first place. Lakeshore is a much more enjoyable ride!

  • Steve

    If people walking would stick to one side and bikes on the other … there would not be an issue. However, having walked and biked that route numerous times what happens is you get people walking on the bike path side, which forces them into the walking side. Some lines and signs separating each side is necessary.