Slow dancing in the sunset on a late summer evening -

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August 31, 2015


Do you remember the s l o w dances?

Sure you do – and Kyle Tonkens, a local installation artist would like you to experience those wonderful evening dances once again.

Sunset slow dance

Your invitation.

On Thursday, September 10, between 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm., Tomkins is inviting you have one of those slow dances as the sun sets in the west. The event features a real-time two hour sunset, where there will be live music, refreshments, and of course wonderful works of art on display.

I wonder if they will play Red Sails in the Sunset – that one always worked for me.

The event takes place at the The Art Gallery of Burlington on Lakeshore Road.

It was vision and cultural courage that got this piece of art outside the Arts Centre.  The artists in the city are going to have to bring the vision to city hall and press hard for the cultural courage that will be needed to make the city a place with a cultural base.

It was vision and cultural courage that got this piece of art outside the Art Gallery of Burlington – plus the desire of a man to make a statement of his devotion to his wife.

It will be held in the RBC Community room where a glorious sunset will be projected on the south wall of the community room.  For those who want the real thing in the way of a sunset – they will be able to dance outside close to the Rebbecca – one mans statement of his love for his wife.

The sunset that will be projected was filmed at Princess Point – a part of the Cootes Paradise where the view of sunsets is incredible.


Admission is free.

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