Some more of those 1000 word pictures

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July 10th, 2018



More on those pictures being worth 1000 words.

The Planning department had a handful of renderings done suggesting what the downtown core of the city could look like when the Grow Bold initiative has blown through the community.

Brant st city hall on left looking north

A rendering of Brant Street at city hall looking north. Looks like the kind of thing a real estate agent would prepare as part of a sales brochure.


The drawing had a nice gentle pastel look to them. Nice enough to frame.

We then came across a photograph of what the properties on the east side of Brant street look like today.

Brant street today July 2018

This is a montage of properties on the east side of Brant street with Brant Florist on the left.

Comparing with the drawings was a little jarring.

The model prepared by some students who lived in the St. Luke community gave the public a bit of a glimpse of what was coming down the pipe.

ECoB model view from the east

Looking west towards city hall through the two towers that might “frame” city hall in the future. The one on the right has already been approved by city council.

A picture is indeed worth 1000 words.

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2 comments to Some more of those 1000 word pictures

  • Jim Young

    The renderings provided by the city in its Grow Bold boondoggle always cut off the highest floors of the high rises and only show full height as being far in the distance. Rendering shown here is corner of Brant Lakeshore with top of building cut off. The highrises that seem far away are at Brant and James. I also don’t recall trees at the corner of Brant at Buntons Wharf.
    Sadly while a picture can paint a thousand words it can also tell a thousand lies.

  • Susie

    If the light doesn’t shine into the heads of the City Planners, Council, Govt., etc., from a thousand word picture, then I am lost for words as to what City Architectural Planning Degree content is all about???