Sound of Music - begins on the weekend - Ticketed Kick Off took place last weekend.

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June 11th, 2018



Sound of Music did their two day Kick Off event with a number of ticketed events.

The crowds are definitely smaller for these ticketed events and the Sound of Music people are still fine tuning the content.

Crowd with Sweet seats tent

The crowds were a little on the sparse side – was it the weather, the tickets prices or the bands chosen.

David Miller has headed up the organization as Executive Director since 2007. The longer term objective is to make the event a destination by bringing the best of what they see as what an audience wants. “We won’t be bringing Beyonce to Burlington but we do plan on bringing first class talent to the city” said Miller.

Wrost bands

If you wanted to buy a beer and walk around with the can in your hand you needed a wrist band – all you had to do was prove you were over 18 or under 30.

Much of the public wants the festival to be totally free, which Miller admits would be great, ”but the reality is that these events are expensive to mount and maintain and there are only so many sponsorships available”.

He adds that “It costs $150,000 to put up one of those main stages.”

Stage space

For an additional fee you could stand inside an enclosure and give your ear drums a beating.

Ticket sales this year were off a bit from last year.

The SoM have found a number of interesting ways to add to the revenue stream. The created a space directly in front of the stage where people can stand right at the edge and look into the eyes of the players.

Sweet seats

For a fee you could sit in the “Sweet Seats” – shaded by an awning with a great view of the bands.

They created a section called Sweet Seats where people can, for a fee, sit on a sheltered raised stage and enjoy food and a beverage.

There is also a party tent that can be used by corporations who want to entertain and hear the music, enjoy a beverage and perhaps do some business.

Perhaps the most appreciated addition is the ability for people to buy can of beer and walk around the enclosed area chatting with friends and enjoy a drink.

There are plenty of security people about to ensure that no one overdoes the imbibing.


Security was all over the place – allowing people to buy a can of beer and walk around the enclosed grounds was something that was not going to get out of hand.

Security was perhaps the thing that strikes one the most. There were a number of check points and dozens of people wearing security vests.

Better than letting anything get out of control – but it just didn’t feel like a pleasant music festival.

One Burlington resident wrote the Gazette saying he lived two km from the site and said he found the music very intrusive this year asking if the music was louder this year than in the past.

The sound of music has been part of the city for 39 years – the organizers tinker with the content and do work hard to keep everyone happy.


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3 comments to Sound of Music – begins on the weekend – Ticketed Kick Off took place last weekend.

  • Maggie

    Hope they security will use common sense about id. Not like in 2012 when I was refused entry into the main beer garden because I didn’t have photo id. I was 52 at the time.

  • Maggie

    I live in near Northshore and King Rd and could hear the music

  • Pam

    We live two blocks from Spencer Smith Park and found the music was so loud, I had to shut all the windows and still couldn’t hear the TV and since it ended later on Sunday that it should have, could not get to sleep. On this upcoming Thursday evening, the sound needs to be turned down as it is work/school night.