Sound of Music Board holding an emergency meeting.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

July 25th, 2018



A follow up on that Sound of Music situation.

The Board and the committee chairs are meeting this evening.

What isn’t clear is – which chairs will be in the room?

Some have resigned and the vice chair has not been invited.

There are several chairs who have expressed their disdain, anger, disappointment – they are just royally pissed off – and they haven’t been invited.

There is someone who has been invited – an as yet unnamed mediator who is there to ensure that the meeting doesn’t turn into a punch up.

So far – not a word from anyone on the Board.

Stay tuned.

Rapt attention crowd

With crowds like this – how can you screw things up. Easy end up with Directors who forget what their job is.

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3 comments to Sound of Music Board holding an emergency meeting.

  • Andrew

    Because the board is corrupted and they don’t want us volunteers to known what is going on they been planning on doing something for a couple of years now. As a committee member myself it unfair what is going on with all of this and we want answers now

  • Matt

    I’m wondering why this article hasn’t mentioned any of the volunteers who have since rescinded their resignations and would like to return to their post?

  • Carl

    So why is it that all committee members were not invited???