Sound of Music Festival appoints new Executive Director.

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November 19th, 2018



SoM logo 2018It took a little while but the Sound of Music (SoM) Board has selected and hired a new Executive Director to replace David Miller who got dropped like a stone last July.

The SoM Board announces that after an “extensive search with the assistance of leading recruitment professionals HR- Fusion. The Sound of Music Festival is excited to announce Myles D. Rusak as the new Executive Director.

Myles brings over 15 years’ experience in the not-for-profit industry along with a lifetime of musical passion as a musician and champion of Arts & Culture.

Myles Rusak H&S

Myles D. Rusak, the new Executive Director of the Sound of Music Festival.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Myles attended the Lakehead University Fine Arts Music program where he studied Jazz & Vocal. His Not-For-Profit career has brought him to leadership positions with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – Southern Alberta; James Allan’s Girls’ School in the United Kingdom, Alberta Theatre Projects, Parkinson Alberta and most recently as the Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie.

Myles maintains his Musical passions as a board member and volunteer (past and present) for the Brantford Symphony Orchestra, Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay Blues Festival, and various Fringe Festivals across Ontario.

He is also an avid musician who can be found playing guitar, drums or keyboard at various times throughout Southern Ontario.

Rusak with a top hat

Myles Rusak, centre, is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Sound of Music Festival. He appears to have a touch of show business in him.

Board President, Peter Martin said: “Myles’ addition to the Sound of Music provides a fresh perspective on building relationships throughout the Burlington Community. This is an ongoing priority for the festival as we continue to engage the people of Burlington and surrounding area and create an artistic space which is of benefit to the entire community.”

He added that Myles’ experience in strategic planning and leadership will be invaluable to the success of our Festival. We are most excited to have him at the helm and look forward too many years of continued success under his guidance.

Rusak ran as a ward level candidate for the County of Brant; placed sixth out of seven candidates.

Rusak with wife and daughter Paris Apothecary

Myles Rusak with wife and daughter in the Paris Apothecary

He and his wife ran the Paris Apothecary in Paris Ontario

That is certainly an eclectic background.

The SoM is an organization with a volunteer base that is to die for. It is both extensive in size and impressive in terms of the way they show up year after year to make the Festival the continuing success it has been.  When former Executive Director David Miller was shown the door the volunteers took the decision personally and many basically quit the organization.

When the Myles Rusak appointment was announced one Gazette source wanted to know if “ this fellow is full time this year or watching and learning as he has no festival experience.”

The source went on to say that “ a lot of the volunteers are walking including committee chairs based on not replacing any of the other paid staff accept for chair.

“Apparently Rian Malloch got a bigger contract to do much more”.

Malloch was the “spin doctor” the SoM Board used to tell the Miller firing story when things were a little chaotic at the SoM.   He has a strong music background.

There appears to still be some dissension in the ranks. The upside however is that the Board did send the media release to the Gazette. We just might be able to kiss and make up with that Board after all.

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