Sound of Music gets off to a solid start - public seems willing to live with the ticketed events.

som3 100By Guida Feliz

June 15, 2015


The Burlington Sound of Music Kick-Off came alive at the Waterfront. It could not have been a more perfect weekend. The hot Saturday sun beat down on the Burlington Sound of Music Festival while the beat of the concert music played to a high energy crowd.

SoM Guitarist 2 Head banging with style photo 3

Head banging with style – or the photo op of the day. Whichever – the sound drove the crowds wild at the Saturday SoM Kick Off.

The crowds of adoring fans arrived in droves to watch their favourite bands. The food trucks lined up along the boardwalk. The Waterfront was busy with boats anchored to listen to the music. Everyone showed up to enjoy this event; families, dog lovers, teens, people of all ages came out to support the Burlington Sound of Music Festival Kick Off.

As I walked through the main gate I could see the teams of volunteers attending to everything from ticket scanners to assisting people and answering questions. I ran into Ted Mills, ‘really I had to move to avoid being run over by him’ Ted wore a bright yellow t-shirt with the words “Event Control”.

I asked him if he had a few minutes to chat with me. I asked him how long he had been a volunteer with the event. He smiled and said “14 years’. Ted told me he was very proud of the event and felt this was a great event for Burlington to host. Ted loves what he does and this is his way to give back to the Burlington Community.

I also had a chance to chat very briefly with the Ticket Scanner volunteer. She smiled and told me this event was great. She explained the ticket scanning was a great idea; and a great way to keep the line ups moving quickly so everyone could get to their concerts. .

I was excited to be joining the other photographers and journalists who were taking photos of Burlington’s own Finger Eleven as they performed. We all gathered by the front gate waiting to be escorted by the media coordinator to the media pit. We hung
our cameras over our shoulders and got “ready to aim snap and capture” the band Finger Eleven in concert.

SoM Guitarist 1 photo 3 Finger Eleven Concert

Fingers 11 – working that instrument at the Sound of Music Kick Off on Saturday.

Finger Eleven was introduced to the excited fans by the Host of CHCH news anchor Nick Dixon. The band was formed in 1989. The first guitarist came out whaling his electric guitar joining the drummer and base guitarist. Then we all got a real treat, a ‘head banging” show from the guitarist.

As he began to play his guitar he was hidden behind his long long black hair. His hair flew in the air as he dropped his head back and forth to the sound of his guitar. Throughout each song he bounced across the stage with such energy; the loud applause and cheers could be heard for miles. Finger Eleven was one of many concerts during the Burlington Sound of Music Kick Off this past weekend.

There were fans standing inside the media ‘Pit’ as well. Concert go-ers wishing to get real close to their favourite band; could do so by purchasing a $60.00 ticket plus another $25.00 which gave them access to the ‘Pit’. “Yes you could stand inches from the stage.”

This apparently is the first time the Sound of Music has asked for payment to gather at favoured spots right up close to the stage – where we were told when we could click our cameras and when we couldn’t.

Historically the Sound of Music has been a free event – is there a change in policy in the works? Could we see the Sound of Music as a fully ticketed event in the future?

SoM Chimneys Food Truck Kristin and Justin Butler

Kristin and Justin Butler; owners of the Chimneys food truck doing their first SoM event.

I noticed long line ups at the food trucks. So, I took a few minutes to chat with Kristin and Justin Butler; owners of the Chimneys food truck. This was their first time at the Burlington Sound of Music Kick-Off and found the energy invigorating.

I was able to chat with David Miller, Executive Director of the Burlington Sound of Music. He was a very busy man this weekend. According to David, there were a few unexpected glitches; this only meant they will look closely at how to avoid future issues. Concentrating on making it even a better experience. He is very proud of the event which he has been heading up for nine years.

This was the Fourth year of the Burlington Sound of Music Kick-Off. I asked David who was the brainchild behind the idea for a Ticketed Event. He told me it was a ‘collaborative effort’.

He explained how the Burlington community and others have been asking for a bigger and better concert line-up. David was able to fill that request by adding bands such as: Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, Collective Soul and David Wilcox, to name a few. He also mentioned that the ‘Free’ weekend at the Burlington Sound of Music has also been a success.

During the ‘Free’ weekend there were a few options: the Front Row Concert Tickets cost $25.00; the Sweet VIP Concert Tickets cost $100; this includes a drink and a meal.

Every year the money raised goes to a different recipient. This year the recipient is the Joseph Brant Hospital, Music Therapy.



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1 comment to Sound of Music gets off to a solid start – public seems willing to live with the ticketed events.

  • Centerline

    One question that never seems to get answered is, does the Sound of Music fest rent the park from the City? And do they pay for the damage done every year to the turf and other things to restore it to it’s beauty. I’ve heard the City provides hundreds of hours of labor and equipment as a “Gift in Kind”
    Between this festival and Ribfest the Park certainly goes through a trashing, especially if it rains.