Sound of Music parts way with Dave Miller, the Executive Director. Several senior volunteers also leave the organization.

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July 19th, 2018



Is there trouble at the Sound of Music?

Dave-Miller SoM

Dave Miller

The Gazette has been told by a source that has asked for full anonymity on the information that
Dave Miller , Executive Director of Burlington Sound of Music Festival, was fired by his board at a special meeting last night.

Our source adds that there are several other volunteer resignations as a result.

Miller has been the Executive Director for more than a decade.

The Gazette is following up on this story. Most of the people we have reached out to have gone to ground.


The Gazette has been able to confirm that the Sound of Music Board  parted ways with Dave Miller last night.

He said he also believed that several of the senior volunteers also left the organization.

In a comment during our short discussion Miller said that he wasn’t able to say much at this point in time but would have something to say in the future – and added that the future wasn’t going to be sometime next week.

That red light was a sign - Sound of Music didn't get the $37,000 they felt they needed as fall back money if the weather turned on them and events had to be cancelled. Note that the pier in this 2011 picture isn't visible because there was nothing to see. The city plans on offocially opening the pier during the Sound of Music festival this summer. SOM should charge the city a fee for horming in on theior event.

Sound of Music – an award winning event that draws thousand into the city is reported to have fired their Executive Director.


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