Spencer Smith Park - that Jewel in the Burlington Crown - didn't appear to have a single sign explaining to people what the Stay at Home order meant

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May 3, 2021



What would we do without informed readers with cameras.

A Gazette reader sent us the following.

Her comments:

“So much for the “stay at home” order. These were taken Saturday. It was not even the busiest time. There is zero enforcement happening. Sunday was worse.

Spencer collette 1

The blossoms are beautiful – but where were the park Ambassadors the city was going to have in place to “educate” people and explain what the rules were and why they needed to be adhered to?


spencer colette 2

The new version of the Gazebo proved to be a popular gathering spot. There wasn’t as much as a sign to tell people what the Stay at Home order meant.

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14 comments to Spencer Smith Park – that Jewel in the Burlington Crown – didn’t appear to have a single sign explaining to people what the Stay at Home order meant

  • Eve St Clair

    Funny how Council especially climate guru Rory Nissan shuts down Lowville Park with an average of 10 visitors and now a reservation system yet the beloved Spencer Smith is a free for all . Great job Council ……..

  • Colette

    I would be very interested to know if there has been even one ticket issued in the park since the start of this pandemic? Every weekend the rules surrounding “gatherings” are completely ignored, along with every other park rule. No doubt if the businesses ignored the rules and opened their doors for business, they would be fined heavily. Why is the park any different? With all of these variants and one of the most out of control hotspots less than 35 minutes away, the City of Burlington is being negligent in not ensuring proper enforcement. Their lack of action is only encouraging more people to come. Young people driving around in a golf cart “reminding” people of the rules is not the answer.

  • Susan Corrigan

    Don’t get me going about the by-law officers. They should be called goodbye law officers. Having lived downtown for 16 years now l have seen things l didn’t want to see. I have been harassed by johns on lakeshore by the hotel. Seeing grown men urinating in public. Stepping in dog poop. Staff sitting in their vans killing time waiting for end of shift. Time to clean the city hall of nepotism and hire the best candidates for the job. This also applies to any other positions/jobs with the city. I could be wrong but l don’t think they have the systems in place for proper competitions for open positions. Seems the city goes with who they know ,who is better connected, who can garner them votes. This is not a city for seniors to age well in place so Ms Kearns seems to think. Hindsight is 20/20 and l will be very happy when l see the derrieres (behinds) of our duplicitous politicians when we vote them out.

    • Clive

      Sunday I tried calling bylaw regarding 3 idling pick up trucks in Lasalle park. We wer there for 15 minutes waking about and they just kept idling and chatting about.
      Trying to reach bylaw on the weekend is virtually impossible. One can idle, pollute,
      Fell trees contrary to our “tree bylaw”, litter with impunity here in Burlington.

      Meanwhile the untouchables are vitually, we’ll
      Untouchable. Our local politicians do not
      Have to account to anyone between elections. The system is completely broken
      Nepotism abounds especially at our “finest so called

  • Clive Thomas

    No surprise here folks. Our council doubled the bylaw enforcement team to a total of FOUR from two. Meanwhile we have approximately 200 hundred fireman working their part time jobs
    helping drain the cities coffers. Biggest scam out there.
    Ever seen a ticket go a person littering, tossing out a cigarette, idling their vehicle for over a minute, cutting down their tree?? I’ll bet my bottom
    dollar you haven’t

    Once elected or hired, our local politicians and red and blue “ emerg” services
    ( excluding EMS and all medically workers) have it made in the shade. Easy street to retirement so why sweat at all???

  • Mary

    G Fraser we are talking about Spencer Smith Park. These people were “gathering”, not exercising. On the weekend I walked down the steps to the park to walk my dog and turned around and left because of the crowds gathering. I don’t think anyone has a problem with people walking or riding through the park but that is not what is going on here. Did those people in the pictures really look like they were exercising to you? They are breaking the rules of the Stay At Home Order. Someone is sleeping at the switch in the City of Burlington.

  • Laurie

    Not to mention most of these people likely do not live in Burlington. I’ve sent comments and pictures yet nothing happens. I have a front seat across from the park. It truly is frustrating. I’ve been tempted to get out my megaphone but am wary of kickback.

  • g.fraser


    April 16, 2021

    “Based on guidance from Provincial regulations and Halton Region Public Health, the City of Burlington does not currently have plans to prohibit individuals living in other cities from visiting Beachway Park.

    After more than a year of living with COVID-19 restrictions, the current stay-at-home order in Ontario is challenging for everyone. While it’s difficult, it’s important to remember that Beachway Park is a regional park, and many residents from across Halton enjoy this destination.

    We ask that you cooperate with others using the space and follow all COVID-19 health precautions and posted signage. If the park is busy, please try another outdoor recreational location in the city or come back at a different time. Please be kind to one another, remain vigilant and stay safe.

    The Stay-at-Home order requires everyone to remain at home except for specified purposes, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services (including getting vaccinated), for outdoor exercise, or for work that cannot be done remotely.”

    I would assume that walking outdoors is an exercise??!! What is important is social distancing and the appropriate use of masks even outdoors if warranted.

  • Diane Knox

    These images make me wonder what has my Burlington, my Ontario, my Canada come to Value. Once we were known for caring for all, inclusiveness, for safety, for Health care. Now a “Me First.” to break the rules, take off the masks. Of course we are all Covid tired but follow the guidelines or we will be Covid Dead- your neighbours. your kids, your parents and yes your friends. The choice is theirs unless this is stopped… but these lead to more lockdowns, more ‘in and out’, more financial stress.. When will “They” learn. Choices have consequences. Time for consequences?

  • David Barker

    I agree with others here that more visible enforcement is needed. But the what the hell s wrong with these people. Why are they even there. Shut down the park and the beach. Treat everyone like children. If you cannot behave as you are told to do you cannot play.

  • Peter Hyde

    What is wrong with our local politicians, by law enforcement and police.

  • Helen Donohoe

    Agreed. A highly visible and authoritative presence is essential at all times in SS Park and on the beachway. We can’t wait until the May holiday weekend to start the the ambassador/patrol program – hot weather can arrive at any time in May and during the pandemic, weekdays are not much different from weekends. Patrols will be essential seven days/week for extended hours.

  • David Barker

    “Where were the Park Ambassadors…?”; a fair question to ask.

    But more pertinent I believe after a year of pandemic; of “education” as to how to behave in public during a pandemic; of certain identifiable communities being hit hard by the death toll; why are these people not socially distancing, not wearing masks, just standing around.

    The “fencing” placed around the area to keep people away was for sure completely inadequate. It appears people cannot be treated as responsible adults. They do not voluntarily adhere to the to the required protocols. So the solution is to completely close off Spencer Smith Park to the public.

    Their behaviour in the shadow of JBH shows they are either oblivious to, or disrespecting of our first responders and medical staff who are laying their lives on the line each and every minute. So disrespectful and selfish.

    It is well past “educating time”. It’s time for enforcement with harsh consequences.

  • We have repeatedly discussed this with Burlington By-law enforcement and council for the past year at least. Believe we also sent some photos. This is totally off our radar stay at home or no stay at home order. Sad as Anne used to love taking a ride on her mobility scooter with her mask in place to pay her respects at the navy war memorial and then just listen to the waves lapping at the beach. A totally selfish attitude and non-enforcement of By-laws (which is typical in Burlington when a by-law does not just involve putting a parking ticket on a car window!) has helped the spread and the ultimate resulting deaths of young and old. People know there is no enforcement and make phone calls “meet you at the Spencer Smith park”.as they know this is not visually being discouraged by Burlington officials and our council.or public health.