Stained glass artist Teresa Seaton will be doing an installation at the MoonGlade event September 16th at the Art Gallery.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 30, 2016


Teresa’s uniquely sculptural fine art stained glass is an artistic trademark featuring multi layers of glass panels with spun wire. Her use of a refined colour pallet creates a mood and atmosphere that is distinctive to Teresa, making her one of Canada’s most notable emerging stained glass artists whose work is in a number of prominent homes in the area.


Teresa Seaton and Slam poet Tomy Bewick joined talents to do a remarkably moving installation at the third annual No Vacancy event last year.

Seaton is one of 17 artists who will set up her installation for the 7:00 pm opening of the Fourth Annual No Vacancy event taking place on Friday. September 16th  at the Art Gallery of Burlington.  Each year the No Vacancy events are given a unique name – this year, their fourth they are calling the collection of installation  MoonGlade.

Each artist determine how the want to use there art to create a space that you walk into – one doesn’t just look at art hung on a wall – you interact with it.

Jim Riley, an installation artist in hiw one right, as a “three dimensional art form that is often specifically designed to use the walls, floor and space of a room as a sculptural artwork itself. The artist uses objects, video, sound or other material to create the artwork. The audience enters in to the space and becomes part of the actual artwork as opposed to passively looking at one sculpture, one painting one video or other singular artwork.

Seaton at Amherst

Teresa Seaton was awarded a commission by the city of Burlington to create a piece of public art for ward 3.

Seaton graduated from York University, BFA in drawing and sculpture, then completed her Graphic Design Diploma at Sheridan College leading her to successful career as Senior Designer and Creative Director with clients from Toronto to New York.

moonglade jkTeresa chose stained glass to express her artistic voice in 2001. Working full time as a stained glass Artist she opened the doors of Teresa Seaton Studio & Gallery in 2013. Teresa’s gallery features a large selection of her latest works and now exhibits the work of established and emerging Canadian artists.

Last year Seaton worked with Slam poet Tomy Bewick; together they used his poem and Seaton’s stained glass feathers to tell a unique story.

Their performance was close to the best, if not the best installation last year.

Friday, September 17th, 7:00 pm to 11 pm in Brock Park, behind the Art Gallery of Burlington and inside the art gallery as well.


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  • You are too kind. Thanks for the encouragement. I am so looking forward to this years performance of “Ropes” a collaboration with spoken word artist Dan Murray.