Terry LIVES here - the flag says so

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September 15th, 2020



It happened yesterday in Burlington.

Fox flag - city hall backdrop

Mayor makes a fashion statement. A photo op well worth the time it took.

The Terry Fox Lives Here flag was raised by the Mayor and a small group of those that fight the good fight every year. We’ve been doing it for forty years.

Latest news on the fund raising front is:

We are now in all five Denningers for Terry Fox.

Selling image of Terry’s adidas orion shoe folks sign and is posted in windows or jars at cash Twooneys for Terry.

T Shirt sales going okay over ½ of original 120 sold and new order in certain sizes to arrive soon.

We have passed $52K in donations online with 30 teams and over 230 individuals registered online.

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4 comments to Terry LIVES here – the flag says so

  • Anne: Flag raisings must be requested. I was the one who arranged this flag raising on behalf of the Burlington Terry Fox Run. It took months to arrange. The City’s website has a request form you can fill out. If you let these organizations know, they can apply for a flag raising, too. You get your flag up for a week.

    • Thanks for this and for making sure this happened for Terry Fox.. I do believe, however, that we have had flag lowerings and raisings at the request of the Mayor or Members of Council (the death of the owner of Holland Park comes to mind) and that end of WWII 75th anniversary should have been an event sigificant enough to have got a mention in some way or the other.and a time when the memlorial outside of City Hall should have been at its best. Keep up the good work for Terry Fox ….. we all benefit. ,

  • Apologies for the typos and math error 76 not 78..

  • We must thank our city and mayor for recognizing the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox`s contribution to our country through a flag raising ceremony. . Fox was a hero to many of us and should always be recognized as such.

    We must also thank our city and self-confessed “American by birth, Canadian by choice” mayor for lowering city hall flags on September 11th. We must never forget this dastardly attack on our neighbor and ally’s democracy, those who perished and first responders who sacrificed so much to deal with this very clear act of war.

    Sadly, however, these acts of kindness and consideration are overshadowed by the City and our Mayor, who “stand by” (our city’s motto) and watch the city hall Edward VII and Queen’s Jubilee monument rot (we brought this to their attention almost a year ago now). The Mayor also failed to mention on her weekly CHCH interview the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII (never mind the millions of sacrifices that allow her to choose whether she raises a flag in celebration or not). All our elected officials owe a huge debt to those who sacrificed so much which could never be forgotten as men and women alike lived with the emotional and physical pain for 50, 60, 70 and yes 80 years. Anne`s Uncle Roy has lived with hrroendous pain for 78 years now as a result of serving on a British mine sweeper keeping coast waters safe and cohtinues to suffer. . He was in the Suez Canal when war was declared over and on his way to Singapore. How wrong he was to believe it was all over 78 years of emotional and physical pain later it is still not over and won`t be until we finally lay him to rest.

    The Poppy Shop has a terrific flag that could have been raised (on the 75th annivetrsary) and perhaps left up for a month. As it was raised the Mayor could have congratulated our Head of State Queen Elizabeth II for being the only WWII serving monarch to continue to rule. Far outlasting in terms of appearance the Burlington Lions Club rejuvenated Edward VII drinking fountain in honour of the Queen`s 25th Jubilee that has stood since the late 70`s within eye contact of the soldier who watches over us at city hall in memory of all the sacrifices our mayor appears to have completely forgotten about except if it includes a paid trip abroad with some of her colleagues . The soldier was within the last year scrubbed, cleaned and restored to a like new appearance. We could almost see teqrs on his cheeks as He overheard the conversation Dave had with the restorer advising the Quen`s memorial, while it needed some work, could look just as good with the proper attention. We await John Bkila posting a response to our Open Letter to the Mayor on this subject on Better Burlington. We believe all Burlington families deserve an apology for this oversight by all our elected and appointed city officials..