The COVID19 virus variants that startled the MoH are very real

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

February 26th, 2021



Just over a week ago when Dr. Hamidah Meghani was speaking to the Regional Council she mentioned data she had seen very recently that she found startling and under the wrong situation could lead to a third wave of infections.

We touched base with the Region’s media support people where Julia Le is usually very good at digging out material for us.

Dr Hamidah Meghani  was talking about what are referred to as VOC – Variants of Concern – these are COVID19 mutations that appear to spread very quickly and impact those pov60 and over – for the 80 and over they have a very high morbidity rate.

The 20 page report has numerous graphs – the one sums it all up, and we suspect the one that keeps Dr Meghani awake at night is below.

Maghani concern VOC

If the mutation were to get out and into a population – no one has been able to even guess at the damage that would be done and the lives lost.  This information is one of the reasons the Mayor of the City of Toronto has said – no large public events until after Canada Day.  No Pride Parade – nothing where large numbers of people would be gathered in an outdoor setting.

The graphics that accompanied the Epidemiological Summary spell out the real concern and what has the health community rushing to get people vaccinated.  It is a race against time – and we are not ready.

This Epidemiological Summary covers Variants of Concern in Ontario: December 1, 2020 to February 15, 2021

The Gazette will do a follow up piece on this.



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1 comment to The COVID19 virus variants that startled the MoH are very real

  • Marshall

    There is a large group of people in south Burlington over 70 who have been virtual prisoners in their houses for almost one year. The failure of the federal government to provide vaccines has meant months more of isolation with only statements about September. Ontario and Halton can only do planning until a supply arrives and in the meantime none of us have a clue when we will be vaccinated.
    However, if we were vaccinated and were careful we represent a large population with enough finances to generate a significant financial stimulus to local businesses and we should not be ignored.