The flow of information on who will get vaccinated when is almost as bad as the rate at which vaccine doses are being delivered

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr,

February 15th, 2021



I learned this morning that sometime soon – which probably means sometime in March, the Priority list that sets out who is going to be vaccinated, and when, is going to be updated and this time will include all those who are over 80 years of age.

bull hornThat caught my attention because I fall into that category.

When do I go to get my needle – don’t know.

Where will I go? – don’t know.

How do I find out – not sure. Spent way too much time wading through the Halton Public Health web site. Lots of information but nothing that relates to my situation.

When I go – what do I need to take with me? I assume my OHIIP card – anything else? Don’t know.

Will I be given something that confirms I have been vaccinated? Hope so – want to put it on a T shirt.

There just has to be a better way to communicate with an anxious public.

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11 comments to The flow of information on who will get vaccinated when is almost as bad as the rate at which vaccine doses are being delivered

  • Terence

    Below is an article that appeared in the BBC. It addresses Canada’s pathetic response to the COVID pandemic – well worth the read

    The Burlington-44 (B-44) is a recently formed COVID Task Force and is headed by the Mayor – which may be one of its hurdles

    I can see NO reason whatsoever why the B-44 cannot present a comprehensive vaccine distribution plan (when do I go to get my needle? Where will I go? How do I find out?.) especially BEFORE the vaccine arrives – it’s called good practice – yet everyone in City Hall is strangely quiet issuing generic meaningless documents that just say the same old BS – it really is time for ACTION a situation that only seems to happen close to re-election time

  • Janice Jones

    Don, you are right on the money. Lots of serious questions and no where to get the answers we need. I too wondered why so many doses were ordered in the beginning ( at least that’s what the government told us) because the numbers were way over Canada’s population. More lies than truths.

  • Eve

    Mr.. Parr, you hit all the nails on their heads. My sentiment, exactly.
    I am taking care of an “At Risk Person” 75 years old with chronic illnes. He has heart, kidney,
    pancreatic problems from being type 2 diabetic..I cannot get an answer as to which
    category, exactly, he falls into and when and where he gets this vaccine or for me, being an
    essential caregiver, do I get the vaccine along with him…..this is very shameful..
    Canada is at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting the vaccine….the more you hear…
    the more confusing it gets…all these public health, the Province and Federal gov and
    Halton should be more informative, clear, concise and truthful about what is going on.
    We deserve it

    Good job Mr. Parr

  • Claudette B Mancini

    Before you even get it, you will need to fill out a long form full of questions, I’m told. Might need some sort of certificate to prove you had it, too! Can’t wear a T-shirt everywhere! Guess I’ll need to wait longer because I’m not in your age bracket! (Sigh)

  • Don Fletcher

    There are however a few related questions that we do have an answer for.
    Why is Canada #1 worldwide in per capita vaccine purchases (238M) with a population of only 37M?
    Why is Canada #38 in inoculations (3.38/100 people), just behind Luxembourg, as of yesterday?
    Why has Canada only administered a total of 1,269,039 doses, 30% less that the US did just yesterday?
    Why is Canada the only G7 country to dip into the COVAX vaccine inventory, intended for poor developing countries? A photo-op for Karina Gould?

    I know.
    Justin Trudeau is completely incompetent, and we are all paying for it.

    • Rob n

      I agree Don. A very low vaccination rate. Why are Israel, UAE and others so far ahead of us?

      • Hans Jacobs

        Geography could be a factor: Israel and UAE are tiny compared to Canada.

        • Jim Thomson

          If geography were really a factor wouldn’t Yukon and NWT be well below the Canadian average vaccination rates? In fact they are both approaching 30% vaccinated.
          “Canada is Really Big” is an Arrogant Worms song, not a reason for poor vaccination performance.

  • Alide Camilleri

    How do they expect us to reach wherever the jabs are given? Do they make allowance those of us who perhaps a bit shaky? It’s really such a subject shrouded in mystery.

  • Penny Hersh


  • John Jacobs

    Should we be checking with Halton Healthcare as they don’t cover Burlington we are part of the Niagara healthcare??

    Editor’s note: Burlington is part of the Halton Public Health Unit and everything will be directed by them – they will determine who is to be vaccinated based on provincial guidelines and they will determine where vaccinations will take place.