The Mother of All Photo Ops is to be taken at the Freeman Station on Friday September 29th - at 6:30 pm

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September 18th, 2017



It has been announced as the Mother of All Photo Ops – and for Burlington that is saying something.

The political class was thought to have that all to themselves but the Friends of the Freeman Station are moving in on that title.

On Friday night, September 29th at 6:30 PM Bob Chambers, a professional photographer who did the photograph accompanying this article will take another picture – this time it will include:

Freeman station Sept 18-17

Photographer Bob Chambers has produced the best picture yet of the Freeman Station.

Those who have volunteered in any capacity during the restoration project

Members of the Friends of Freeman Station

Supporters of the project

This is going to be a historic group photo.

The picture is going to be taken — rain or shine — when everyone is assembled and the dramatic sunset light envelops is available.

Make sure anyone you know who’s been involved with the Freeman Station restoration project is invited to join the group photo.

You can buy a T shirt and show your support.

You can buy a T shirt and show your support.

What do you wear? Wear what you’d wear when you were working at the Station. Please, no shorts, loud shirts, or humorous garb – or Bob may put you behind the group, even if you’re short!

The next day, Saturday, bring your family to a fun day at Freeman Station for the Doors Open Burlington event.

The Friends of Freeman Station expect to welcome more than 1000 people to the Station that has undergone a remarkable renovation. It is something well worth seeing.

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